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Getting ready to go!

In about 45 minutes Justin will pick me up and we will be off to the airport. Whilst I was thinking and waiting and thinking and waiting, I had a revelation!  Those who have followed me a few years know that I have had good success in some of my races using the Garmin 305 virtual training partner. For example, in Surf City 2009 I set it for 3:30 and then watched myself confidently get farther and farther ahead. I have done this quite a few times.

This practice has worked best, however at shorter races. In Boston, there came a problem where the distance registered by the Garmin was greater than the mile markers. So I was keeping up with the training buddy, but falling slightly behind sometimes on the mile splits. The reason for the discrepancy is that race courses are measured as though you ran corner to corner along the tangents. In a crowded race like Boston, though, you cannot always do that so you end up running farther.

So, here was this evenings revelation: I went on training peaks and looked up my Boston 2010 race file. I looked at the Garmin data placed on a map and saw that it showed me being done, just as I was getting to the last corner before the finish. I saved the Boston route and then I was able to edit it. I simply moved the finish line to the real finish line and adjusted it so that the route went the right way. Now, the Garmin file shows the entire Boston course and says that I ran 26.63 miles! Next, I got out my Garmin and preprogrammed it for the race. Instead of putting in the distance of 26.2, though, I put in the distance of 26.63. So now it is set to run 26.63 in 3:19:30 – 7:29 pace. We will see if I can do it!

Of course, I could do better at the tangents this time, in which case I should finish a little early.

Also, of course, there is the little problem of weather conditions.  As of now, they are forecasting temperatures well into the 80s on Monday!  Since I don’t start until 10:20, it could be downright toasty out there! I have not done well in any marathons above 65 so we will have to see. The forecast can include mostly cloudy and it is including significant tailwind. So, we will see!  Also, this warm day is surrounded by days with potential rain as fronts are going through the area. If the speed of those fronts change, so will the weather….

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