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2nd day in Boston

This morning Justin and I got up and got our running clothes on. Then we headed about a mile down the road to the marathon finish area to watch the BAA 5K and the Mile invitational races. We were both running easy, but Justin’s easy is quite a bit faster than mine so he lost me. So, I just hung out and enjoyed the race. I took my android with me and filmed the leaders as they got the race started:

I got the leaders again a few blocks later. The guy running in 3rd here is Ben True.

I found my way to the finish area and filmed it. Ben winner.

This was his 2nd consecutive win. He set a new course record of 14:06.

I did recognize a couple of the leading ladies as they finished but I did not get their picture. Anyhow, I noticed Kim Smith and Desiree Davila from watching last year’s Boston and/or New York marathons on TV. They were near the front of the women runners. Kim eventually placed 3rd and Desiree was 10th.

After the 5K I jogged back to the hotel and changed. Then I went back to watch the mile races. The held 1K races for middle school and 1 mile races for high school. The interesting thing is that each of the cities along the marathon course was allowed to enter just two boys and two girls in each race. So there were only 16 contestents. I sat in the stands and had a great vantage point. They had a huge screen on which you could track the runners as they ran around the block. They did 2 laps for the 1k race and 3 laps for the mile. After the youth races they hald an invitational mens mile and an invitational womens mile race.

The women’s race featured Morgan Uceny, who is ranked the #1 miler right now in the world! Sure enough, she won the race in 4:43.8

After the race I headed back to the hotel and found Justin. Yesterday I commented on how nice the hotel is, and that it is an old hotel. Here is the front of the hotel from across the street. It is impossible to get a good shot of the entire building as this part of downtown has tall buildings and very narrow streets.

I noticed on the way into the building a sign stating that this hotel is the location where Parker House rolls and Boston Cream Pie were both invented.

After a nice lunch at Subway I decided to take the subway and bus shuttle back to the expo. I had a quest to snag a couple of extra posters to use as prizes for my students. Thursday and Friday I had them submit guesses as to what place I would finish in and how much time the marathon would take me. I found Kristy Howell and her daughter there shopping at the Brooks booth. I also snapped a couple other pictures of the craziness there. There was a booth with the Pearly Gates as an entrance:

The employees here wore white robes, they had someone playing a harp! But somehow, I don’t think anyplace with treadmills is heaven.

Of course we could ask this young lady. She was in another booth nearby attempting to set a new record for the fastest marathon run on a treadmill.

I think I would rather run the course tomorrow at 80 or 85 degrees than run it inside that expo on a treadmill.

Speaking of the heat on the course. The Boston Athletic Association has made an unprecedented announcement. They are offering a deferment to anyone who chooses NOT to run the race tomorrow. The forecast is calling for a high of 87 to 88 degrees.  I have closely analyzed the info on, however, and it is not that bad.  Well, it really is pretty bad. I have done a couple of LA marathons and at least one Orange County marathon where the daytime high reached the 80s. None of those marathons were pretty.

The forecast for 10 am, the start time of the marathon, is mid 70s. The helpful factors for tomorrow though are the fact that the course still has a net downhill and there will be 10-12 mph tailwinds the whole way. There could also be gusts significantly faster. Also, the forecast calls for partial cloud cover. So if it is going to be 80 degrees temperatures out there, I am praying for a continual cloud cover and a continuous gust of tailwind exceeding 20 mph. Amen. As for human assistance, frequent hose offs provided by the locals would be very beneficial. I hear that is what they did last time the marathon had such high temperatures.

Remember to register for the Athlete Alert system if you want to be updated as the race progresses tomorrow:
From your cell phone send a text to the number 345678 with the word RUNNER as the message. (CAPS not necessary.) They will reply. When you receive their reply, you reply to them with the message 10613.  This is my bib number. They will reply again and let you know that they will send you alerts as the race progresses.

Tonight, Justin and I are going to the official Carbo Load dinner – then we will relax at the hotel. Tomorrow, Justin head off with the elites to Hopkington. Fellow High Desert Runners, Kristy Howell, Veronica Loya, Jen Oblinger and I will meet before boarding the busses and head to the athlete’s village together. Pray for luck for us! No, pray for cloud cover and cool breezes.

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  1. Dale, thanks for all the pictures and video. Looks like so much fun. Good luck tomorrow. By the time you read this you will probably be finished. It will no doubt be a tough day. I wish you a safe and healthy finish to your second Boston Marathon.

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