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4th and Final day of the Boston Adventure

After yesterday’s post Justin and I headed out for an evening of post race ‘celebration.’  Kristy was traveling with a very large family group and had reservations at a “restaurant” called Symphony 8. Veronica, Justin and I joined them. The “restaurant” turned out to be more of a bar than a restaurant.  Justin and were thinking that we would go visit with them for a while and get a quick bite and then we would head over to Fenway where an open house was going on. Well I don’t even know how many hours we spent there waiting to them to get our food to us, etc. But, the company was great, and it was very nice to get to know Kristy and Veronica better.

Justin and I walked from the restaurant to Fenway, but they were kicking everyone out by this time so we headed across the street to the House of Blues. At the House of Blues, there was a post race celebration. We got in and found standing room only. I was considering going back out the door, but then I looked up and saw two more levels. We went upstairs and sat in the balcony. They had a pretty good band playing on a stage between two big screens showing scenes from the race.


After a while the band left the stage and they brought up the race announcer and some of the elite racers to introduce them to the crowd. The director of the Boston Athletic Association explained that he had done his best to discourage us from running the race in the heat, but that he was mostly unsuccessful. There were 27 thousand registered for the race. More than 22 thousand showed up and picked up their bibs. He said about 500 accepted the deferment offer. I have not heard how many finished the race, but they said it was a high percentage. Today’s news did say that they treated 2100 runners for heat exhaustion and/or dehydration along the course.

In retrospect, for someone who wanted to come back next year, the deferment was the smart option. You see, now, if I wanted to go back next year, I would have to go qualify again. I did not requalify at the race. There are not many options for races in cool weather conditions between now and September!  The only reasonable one I know of would be Ojai to Ocean – which I just may do!

Today, though was a day to enjoy the town. Justin and I walked some more of the freedom trail. Two years ago we walked some and today we picked up where we left off. We made it through the north end of Boston and took a tour of Paul Revere’s house. Here are a couple of pictures taken along the way.

At one point we walked across a bridge over the Charles River. The ‘walkway’ was a metal grate so you could look straight down and see the water:

We still did not finish the trail. We had reservations for a Duck tour at 2. So we caught the T over to the other side of town and enjoyed an amphibious tour of the town with a cruise in the Charles River. Afterwards we got some very late lunch, headed back to the hotel for our bags, and made our way to the airport, where I wait and write. Our flight does not depart till 7pm Eastern time. We arrive at LAX sometime after 10. I may be a bit tired tomorrow, but I will be there, back at school.

Thus ends my 2nd Boston Adventure. I do plan to come back, but I would like to come back when my wife is able to get the time to join me. So, qualifying for Boston next year is not a priority. On the other hand, I feel that I am in great shape at the moment so I need to recover and see what other PRs I can shoot for!  My handling of the race yesterday proved to be the right thing for me to do. When I realized that a PR was not possible, and that I really had no other time goal that really mattered. I decided I wanted to change the race into a training run if at all possible. In my build up I did a number of runs where I ran easy and then ran the last 8 or 10 at Marathon Goal pace. Yesterday I ran 10 at Marathon Goal pace, and then ran the rest VERY easy. So I did a reverse fast finish long run. Today, I am feeling almost no effects from the effort.

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  1. More like a tempo run with a very long cool down! You should recover very quickly and be ready to run ojai to ocean in June! Looking forward to our early morning track workouts when you are ready.

  2. glad you were able to join us….sorry the restaurant looked better online than in person. I warned you I had a big group coming. What can I say, my family is nuts and thats only a drop in the hat, you wouldn’t want to see what we’re all like when the whole group is together. Glad you had a great trip though. See you at a local race in the near future!

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