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First an update on the recovery/training.  I feel VERY good. Yesterday I met Chuck on the aqueduct for an easy five. I think it took us about 42 minutes. Today I met Chuck and Lauren for 10. The first five took 41:34 (8:19 pace) and the second five took exactly 40 minutes (8:00 pace).

Usually, after a marathon I am in great shape and so I go and try to set some new PRs!  Looking at my existing PRs, I believe the two that would be the easiest to get are the 10K and the marathon. If you look at the table below, I have used McMillan Running and Running Times race calculators to compare my PRs at each distance with their equivalent times at other distances. For example, my 5k pr is 19:53. The first row in the McMillan section shows that the equivalent 10K would be 41:18, the 10 mile is 1:09:21, etc.

McMillan Running
equivelent time based on 5K 10K 10 mile Half Full
5K – 19:53 19:53 41:18 1:09:21 1:31:55 3:13:50
10K – 41:28 19:58 41:28 1:09:30 1:32:16 3:14:36
10Mile – 1:08:14 19:36 40:43 1:08:14 1:30:37 3:11:07
half – 1:31:27 19:47 41:06 1:08:52 1:31:27 3:12:52
full 3:19:30 20:28 42:31 1:11:14 1:34:36 3:19:30
Running Times’
equivelent time based on
5K – 19:53 19:53 41:16 1:08:24 1:31:09 3:13:44
10K – 41:28 19:54 41:28 1:08:42 1:31:34 3:14:37
10Mile – 1:08:14 19:45 41:10 1:08:14 1:30:55 3:11:07
half – 1:31:27 19:52 41:24 1:08:37 1:31:27 3:14:21
full 3:19:30 20:24 42:30 1:10:26 1:33:52 3:19:30

Another way to compare is to use the race times to calculate Vdot (oxygen uptake capability) or an age graded calculator:


PR AgeGraded Vdot
5K 19:53 73.58 50.15
10K 41:28 73.30 49.9
10Mile 1:08:14 73.03 50.24
half 1:31:27 72.40 50
full 3:19:30 68.74 47.33

So I hit the computer race calendars in search of a fast 10K and a fast marathon (or half) in May and June. In May there is one of those very small marathon/half options called Marathon Mania on May 12. This is on the Long Beach bike path. The marathon would be 2 1/2 out and backs. Aid stations are limited. On May 19 there is a promising looking 10K in Fillmore. And of course, I have been considering the Ojai to Ocean Full or Half marathon for quite some time on June 3rd. I have friends going to the Fontana Half, so that would be a consideration as well.

As I reviewed the races, however, I found that the Fontana Half and the Ojai2Ocean half are both sold out!  The O2O Full is at 98% capacity. Realizing that there are no other reasonable alternatives for a half or full until the fall (well except maybe San Diego RR in June and San Francisco in July), I sent in my entry. I am registered for the Ojai 2 Ocean marathon on June 3rd. I am excited, I have ridden this course by bicycle a couple of times and it should be cool, fun and FAST!

I am still looking for other events.  On May 26 there is a Low Tide 4 miler in Long Beach. I have done this before and it was fun. It is on the beach!

So, I guess 5 days without a marathon to train for was long enough….

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you registered for the Ojai 2 Ocean Marathon. It would have been a shame to not have a fast marathon time to show for all of your hard work. With another 6 weeks to fine tune your conditioning and a fast course with cool weather you should be able to run a PR. I was considering running the Ojai 2 Ocean Half with Lance. Hopefully he has registered.

    PS…..You and Lauren sped up once I was not there to slow you guys down. I’ve really have my work cut out to get into shape to run with her when Chris gets home!

  2. Be careful with McMillans calculator for predicting times. First you have to use a recent race time and then you have to do the training specific for that event to hit those equivalent times. If you feel like you could run 19:53 right now then you could use that time.

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