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Not without egrets

So, this morning I got up and weighed myself at 166.2.  I am getting near the low end of any weight measurement that I can ever remember taking. In the 5 years I have had an annual weight cycle that reaches a low in the late summer or fall and then climbs through the next spring. On 8/1/08 I hit a low 166.0. On 7/15/09 I hit a low of 173.0. On 9/22/10 I reached 164.6 and then on 9/28/11 I hit the lowest yet at 163.2.

Unfortunately, after that last one I took two months off from running and got a little lazy. I ate way too much and shot up into the low 180s. I started the downward fight early this year. I vow to maintain it, once I get there!

So, after the morning weigh in (sorry for the rabbit trail) I headed over to the aqueduct for the first long run in my build up for my next marathon!  It turns out that I will have company the Ojai to Ocean marathon. David Weary is going to run it in hopes of improving on the BQ he earned at last December’s California International Marathon.  I also found out that Lance Close is signed up for the Half. The half, by the way is sold out, but as of this moment it looks like you might be able to still get into the full marathon. Their website has a meter that says 100, but the link to the registration still works.

So at 6:15 I met Chuck, Lance and Eric for a run at Ave S and the aqueduct. We did the usual 2.5 out and 2.5 back. As we neared the first turn around I spotted a dog dashing across the landscape in the distance. Then I saw the runner with the dog. Tiffany and Wiley joined us for the return trip and then back out to the turn around again. At this point she and Wiley went their way.  At the close of 10 miles Eric called it quits and Chuck said he was stopping as well. Lance and I started lap 3. 1.5 miles into it Lance opted to head back and I continued all the way out on my own. By this point my legs were definitely feeling dead but I just kept running. On the return I noted that my breathing was requiring more effort than the pace should have commanded, but I just ran 8:30s to 8:40s all the way back.

On that final return, with no one to talk to, I was wishing I were done. I did a 1/4 mile mark countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7, …. When I got to the last 5 I spotted an egret at the edge of the water. As I got close the bird took off and flew a couple hundred yards ahead and landed. As I got close he did it again. He continued flying just ahead of me for a whole mile. That egret was a nice distraction! As I neared the finish, somewhere in my tired mind I came up with the title for this post…

As I finish it was nice to see Chuck there waiting for me. It turned out that he headed back out for 3 and ran a total of 13, as had Lance.

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