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Maybe it was the Skittles….

I feel like I really killed the workouts today!

First at Hillview I took the distance runners over to Avenue N8 for some hill repeats. We did a 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 workout. Looking at the light poles we ran 6 of them, we jogged back down and did 5, the 4 etc.  I ran hard with the kids. I felt good but I could still feel it in the quads. It could be residual soreness from Boston, but it could also be the core work I have begun doing at home.  At home I have devised what I call the Living Room workout. I set my watch to beep every minute and do the following:

1) Hanging Heel Toe raises left foot
2)  Hanging Heel Toe raises right foot
3) put on ankle weights and begin Pointer Dogs Right Leg
4) Right Leg switches to Left Leg
5) Finish Left Leg and remove Ankle weights
6) Band Walks
7) Monster Walks
8) Val Sliders Right Leg
9) Val Sliders Left Leg
10) Squats on Bosu Ball with hand weights
11) Feet on exercise ball shoulders on floor – alternating leg lifts
12) Same position as 11 – rolling ball toward me!
13) Elbows on ball – planks with alternating leg lifts.
14) Shoulders on Ball feet on floor with leg lifts
15) Feet on Ball push up position with leg lifts
15) Side planks with leg lifts
16) Opposite side plank with leg lifts
17) Up and Outs
18) Austrailian Crawl
19) Push Ups
20) Burpees

I call it the living room workout because, well, I do it in the living room while watching tv – baseball preferably. I did the workout Saturday Evening and I could feel it in the quads and the abs Sunday Morning. I did again last night. So once again, the quad soreness could be the val sliders and aquats.

After the Hilview workout I had  a couple of hours to hang out at home.  I knew I needed to replenish with some simple carbs and some fluids. I had a bag of skittles!  I had a bottle of Gatorade G2 and I also had a bag of sports beans on the way to Joe Walker.

I got to Joe Walker right at 6 and started my warm up. We had a group of 18 runners. The wind was a little lighter than it had been earlier in the day. There were no soccer players in the infield, so I decided to go with the FUN workout. 20 minutes of 400 meter intervals alternating with your partner followed by 16 minutes of alternating 200 meters with a partner. As we chose partners I selected Lauren, knowing that she and I are just about the same speed.

Lauren went first and was the second one around the track. The team of Miguel and Ervin was of course the first group. I noted that Lauren finished that lap right at 90s. I took off feeling good and took 93. The rest of the time we were both right around 93 a lap. I noted that together we finished 3 miles in 18:33. When we did the alternating 200 meter intervals we both sped up a little bit. I noted that the mile time was 5:52. We were still under 12 for 2 miles. As the final reps came around I was feeling especially speedy. It was like I was finding another gear on the last 50m of each rep. On the second to last rep, as I was beginning I saw Miguel getting ready to begin as well. I figured I would have a 10m or so head start. I wanted to see how long I could hold him off. I got all the way around the end, he caught me with about 20m to go. Afterwards he commented that I went quicker that one time. He said he had to go quicker to pass me!

It was great to welcome a couple of new runners: Misty and Ryan Porchia,  and Russell Parker. Russell paired with Jeff Smith to be the 2nd fastest team out there!

Thanks people for showing up and running with me! Speed work is so much more fun when you do it with friends!

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