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Morning Miles, windy rain, and working out

This morning I met Karl at Joe Walker for some more morning miles. The first part of the workout was an improvement on any of the previous. The opening mile was 6:55. The second mile was 6:45 and mile 3 was 6:35!! My recovery for each of these miles is to turn and jog back about 100m. We time it so that we start a new mile rep every 9 minutes. This way I can see the big numbers on my watch in the dark of the morning. On mile 4 fatigue, or the wind, or both started to catch up with me. Mile 4 was 6:49. I decided to do miles 5 and 6 together. I had to really focus to keep it just under 14:00 – 6:59 and 6:59. The total workout was 9.5 miles.

After school I got changed and headed out to the field for our after school track workout. The clouds had rolled in and the winds had picked up to 20-30 mph. It was starting to lightly rain. We have four coaches and we four coaches voted 3 to 1 on cancelling practice. You can guess who was the dissenting vote 😉

I was planning to get in a few easy miles with the kids, but I could not. On Thursdays it is my turn to stay and supervise until the last kid is picked up. The kids all called their parents, but with a last minute cancellation is was normal track quitting time before the last few were gone.

So, next I headed over to Clay’s for a workout. I did 5 x 30 seconds on the ski erg machine: 130, 132, 131, 130, 130. Then I did 2 x 20 throws (per leg) of throwing the 6 pound ball against the rebounder while standing one foot. Next I did 1 set of 10 ball slams with a 20 pound ball (my back felt a little twingy so I cancelled subsequent sets.) The off to the other room for 4 laps of inchworms, some work with kettle bells 2 x 10 lifts on each side with press overhead and 2 x ball swings with a heavier bell. Next I did some 1 legged jumps up and over a box. Then 2 legged jumps onto a lowered patient table. Then I did some one legged jumps up and down off of all 4 sides of one of the smaller boxes.  With about 55 minutes of work in, I called it quits.

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