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7, 1 1/2, 20

It was a busy Monday.

My original plan was to run to and from school, but I ended up being committed to a couple of after school appointments. So, I drove to school and began a run there at 6 am. I ran up to the aqueduct and along it for a while and then back down to Hillview a different way. It was a nice easy 7 miler.

After school, my first appointment was with a couple of guys from the City of Palmdale at Pelona Vista Park. The High Desert Runners is putting up some money for some fencing so that they can open the trails in the park area for the HDR race series. It will also open it up for High School and Middle School cross country next year. Unfortunately, the two bridges we had across the wash have been removed and we are not allowed to replace them. We will have the loop on the west side of the wash and the loop on the east side of the wash, but no connector between the two without going all the way through the south soccer park area. There is one place though, where a tractor had made a path down through the wash and I wanted to show it to them in hopes that we could clean it up and use it. This was the purpose of the meeting. I got there a little early so I ran out to the area and checked it out. It was a 1 1/2 mile run. We checked it out, by the way, but my hopes are not up that we will be allowed to use it.

Later in the evening I did my 20 minute “Living Room” workout! Oh, then for good measure, Cheryl and I went to the mall and did our Mall Walk. I got lots of exercise today!

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