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It’s a conspiracy!

Things seemed to conspire against my workout plans today!  Or maybe I just got lazy today..

First, I was up early to go run with Karl at Joe Walker. I was just about out the door when I noticed a text “Its pretty windy out here!”  Speaking of the wind. Is it me or is this last week one UNUSUALLY windy week!  I know, we live in the Antelope Valley, and wind is normal here. But typically, it is not windy ALL day for days and days in a row. More typically, it is calmer in the morning and it becomes windier in the afternoon and the wind goes down somewhat with the evening temperatures! The last couple days, however, have been 20 mph plus CONSTANT with gusts above that.  Anyway, I replied to ask if he was canceling but got no reply. So either he had gone back to bed, or he had headed to the school. I was up, I was ready, I headed over to the school. Maybe I should have gone back to bed like he did.

I got there and it was dark and crazy windy. I looked over at the sprinklers that were on in the infield and knew that if I ran laps I would be dodging the over spray. With the wind, though I would be getting wet. I also realized that I had forgot my Garmin. So I thought, “I can’t run without my Garmin, how will I get a workout score?” And then I wondered if I was running for the training benefit or for the score. Then I thought isn’t this hobby of mine supposed to be fun? Running in the sprinklers at 50 degrees with 25 mph winds will not be fun. What I really needed for the day was a tempo workout, so I came up with a plan B.

I could go to school and when I run with the team this afternoon – while they are doing 4 miles easy, I will do 4 miles fast and get my tempo run. So, I headed home for my watch. I changed into school clothes when I got home. (This detail will become important later – well, if indeed any of this is important.)

After school, I grabbed my running bag and went to change before practice. It was then that I found that I did not have my insert for my running shoe. It was still in the shoe I had worn in the morning, which I had taken off AT HOME. My left leg is more than a half inch shorter than the right and I run with a full length lift in my left shoe. I have been doing this since I began my recovery in the fall. I realize that it is only one variable in my recovery, but it is not one that I feel I need to mess with. So, I had my watch and everything, but no lift. I especially felt that I should not run fast without the lift. So now, workout #2 was cancelled.

Well, at least I was able to get everything I needed and get over to Clay’s for my strength workout! And I had a pretty good workout. I warmed up with 10 minutes cycling. On the ski erg, I decided to make up for some of my running shortfall (at least some of the cardio workout shortfall) by doing longer sessions. I decided to do 3 reps of 500 meters. This turned out to be more of a CO2 max workout though. I went hard for 1:59.0 to complete the first 500 meters. I recovered with some one legged ball throwing. Then I did a second 500m in 1:59.9.  I recovered this time with some band walks and a few Val Slides. The 3rd 500 meter took 1:58.2!  Afterward I did some jumping – 2 legged, 1 legged in 4 directions. I did some Kettlebell lifting and of course my inchworms!

So, one out of three……  Looks like I had trouble with that first step:

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