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Another Easy 5, Another practice track meet

I met Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct this morning for an easy 5 miler.

After school we were out in the 90 + heat for our final practice meet of the season. There were a few exciting races out there. First, our 7th grade boys 800m and 1600m races have been very competitive. The first meet of the season Herschel Smith established himself as the guy to beat by winning both races. A couple weeks later, though, on a very windy day, Joseph Biehl from Desert Christian ran a very smart race. Joseph drafted Herschel for 3 and a half laps and then out kicked him for the win. Today they had their rematch. Herschel ran like he was possessed. He simply ran to fast too long and Joseph was not able to maintain contact. Another of my boys, Martin ended up dueling Joseph that last lap with Martin taking 2nd place.

In the 800, Hillview runner Andrew Mitchell took off from the beginning. He put a big lead on both Joseph and Herschel. On the 2nd lap Herschel chased him down but Andrew held him off at the line for a 1, 2 Hillview win. Bryce Martin and Joseph battled for 3rd and Joseph took it.

In the 8th grade boys race, Camden Smith remained undefeated. Tyler Schatz showed up as an unattached runner and gave him some competition. The first 3 laps were slower than the 7th grade race, but the two really battled on lap 4. Tyler pulled up about 20 meters to go and Camden won once again. In the 800, Camden and Michael Knight of Hillview battled, but Camden always seems to have a little more kick than anyone who opposes him.

My girls were not seriously challenged in either the 7th or 8th grade races today. Meg once again won both 8th grade races and Tyra was far ahead in both 7th grade races. Hmmm, I should have these two race each other…..

One final note for the day: This morning’s weigh in was 162.4.  This is the lowest weight that I have record of.  PERIOD. I am sure that would take me back to high school –  or shortly thereafter.

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