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80 miles ??

I have carefully planned out my workouts with a gradual build up of miles. I typically peak at 60 –  70 miles for a week or two, 3 or 4 weeks before a key marathon. My plan, after Boston was more like a reverse taper, a quicker build up to the territory I was at before Boston. My biggest week before Boston was planned at 66 miles. Looking back I actually ran 61. My plan for last week and this week was 73. Last week, I missed some running on Thursday but still put in 67.5.  This week I am on target for 73.

However, as I was running a couple of easy miles with the kids this afternoon, (After an easy 5 miler with Chuck and Lance this morning,) I wondered what my total was for the last 7 consecutive days. Adding in my head I came up with: Saturday 22 and Sunday 15 with 13 at Marathon goal pace – that’s 37 for the weekend. Add 5 Monday – easy with Lance for 42. Tuesday I did 4 miles with 4 x 1/2 mile Indian Runs – (quick) at Hillview, plus 7 1/2 miles at the HDR speed work out (with 18minutes of fast stuff.) 11 1/2 more makes 53 1/2. Wednesday 5 easy with Chuck and Lance – 58 1/2. Thursday I did 9 1/2 doing the 6 x 1 mile reps with Karl AND 4 more easy with the Hillview kids after school.  That makes 72. add 5 more with Lance and Chuck this morning and 3 with the Hillivew team in the heat of the afternoon.  I came up with 80!

I did not really mean to do 80 in 7 consecutive days, but that is the way it worked out. In retrospect, that 5 miler Monday morning was added in extra after I missed the workouts Thursday a week ago. So, 80 down, 20 more to go tomorrow. It is time for my fast finish long run.

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