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2012 PR attempt #2

My last PR was set on my 49th birthday- 3/5/2011. It was my 19:52 5K set at the Mardi Gras 5K in Santa Clarita. I only really tried for a PR two other times last year. I ran the Surf City Marathon and the Los Angeles Marathon. Both were Boston Qualifiers, but neither was a PR. Of course the latter part of the year was spent dealing with injury.

In 2012 I am hoping to set some more PRs. After some time rebuilding my fitness I headed to Boston to shoot for my marathon PR. 88 degree weather shot down that attempt. I recovered and trained some more. Today I took shot at my 10K PR.  I headed to Fillmore with Mitch Mayes and his son Michael. Micheal was signed up for the 5K and I was signed up for the 10k. I studied the course map online and it looked like it could be quick. It had a little down and then one pretty good hill all in the first mile. The 2nd and 3rd miles would be a long gradual decline looping back to the beginning. I assumed that the 10K was two loops of the same course as there was no other map for the 10K. Well, when I got to the race and looked at the map I saw a version of this:
You will notice the out and back that was added to the 5K loop. I asked a guy about it and he said that it was “nothing steep, just some rolling.” I almost decided to start the race and then simply run two loops of the 5K and then drop out when my watch said I was done. I would have my planned PR attempt, but my race would not count. I nixed that idea and went on with the race.

I got off to a good start. My first mile, including the expected hill was completed in 6:35. So far I was a little ahead of pace. About 1.2 miles in all the 5K runners veered to the left and I noted there were only 5 spaced out ahead of me veering to the right. As I went right I got my first glimpse of what the guy called “rolling.”  Actually, mostly it was rolling, but you had to run  up a 300 ft hill to get to the mile or so of rolling. Here is the elevation profile from my Garmin:
So much for my plans for a PR. The initial hill slowed me to an 8min/mile pace and I was not able to do much better on the rollers thereafter. Actually, looking at the profile from the Garmin surprises me a bit. I felt like it was steep and steeper going out with only one or two short reprieves. I was surprised when, on the way back I was not able to make up any ground. After the turn around, I was expecting to be able to really speed up, but those rollers included uphills both ways! Also, I felt an onshore breeze, a headwind fighting me on the way back down. I was only able to gain a little of the time I had lost on the uphill.

Still, I maintained that 6th place position all the way to the finish. I was gaining up the #5 guy but I never caught him. He, btw, was a guy I recognized from the aforementioned 5K PR race. He is a guy in the next older age group who runs with  a VERY quick turnover. I beat him on that 5K, but today that quick stride served him well, he pulled away on the ups and i would gain on the downs.

After quite a bit of waiting, for 5K results, kid’s k results, and raffle prizes, they finally announced the 10K winners. I was announced as 2nd in my division.

Michael Mayes, btw, finished in 18:43 – This is his new PR!. He was 3rd in his age group and either 5th overall in the 5k. Joseph Bhiel was also there and finished right behind Michael. Joseph placed 1st in his age group. He also set a new PR!. 3 HDR runners – 3 shiny new medals!

PR attempt #3 will be coming up in 2 weeks. GO OJAI 2 OCEAN!

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