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I feel taller…

The alternate post title was going to be I love Tornado Tuesdays. As I pulled into the parking lot at Joe Walker, Lance was standing at his car. I opened the door, noted the gale force winds and said, “Welcome to Tornado Tuesday!”  Somehow, lately it always seems windier at Joe Walker on Tuesday evenings. It was SO windy that I was considering altering the workout. But I did not.

The last week or two I noted that some of the faster runners were choosing to do their own thing rather than the workout with the rest of us. I took this as a request to step it up a bit. So, today’s workout was a step down ladder: 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!  I told the guys what the workout would be and they decided to join in! The meant that we had a good group of FAST runners leading the way tonight. Neil was there for the first time in months. Up with Neil was Justin Royer, Ervin and Miguel. Not too far back was Russell. Then Kelsey Royer, myself, George, Kahz, Lance, June, Bev, Debra, Jessie and Alan (for awhile.)

I had an excellent workout! On the first rep Kelsey was out ahead of me, but on the rest we were right together. I noted that my 1000m split just missed 4 minutes on the 6 minute rep, but I was under 4 minutes for 1000 meters the next two reps! The paces were right on normal IN SPITE OF A KILLER wind. That wind was literally so bad that it would just about stop you when coming off of the east turn. I would lean into, and quicken my turnover a little bit to fight it! Here is my data:


400m 800m 1000m 1200m total meters
6 minutes 1:38 3:20 4:08 5:02 1520
5 minutes 1:36 3:16 3:54 4:54 1230
4 minutes 1:32 3:10 3:58 1005
3 minutes 1:32 760
2 minutes 1:35 500
1 minutes 290
21 minutes 5305 6:22 pace

Oh, yes, the title of the post – It is not that my speedy workout has made me proud…. I got contacts – today – about 4 pm.For some reason they are giving me the perception that my head is farther than usual above the ground. My glasses were progressive bifocals and I think they gave me a poor perception of what was going on by my feet.

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