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Yesterday, as the Hillview kids and I finished a run I told them that that was a WWCC workout! They, of course, asked what the WWCC stood for. I said, “Will, won’t can can’t.”  “What?” They replied. I said, here’s the long version: Today I WILL do what others WON’T so that tomorrow I CAN do what others CAN”T” I figured that I would have to explain, but they got it. This is one of the keys to being a runner. You have to be willing to go out there and run. You go out and do workouts that others are not willing to do. Then you will be able to do feats of distance and speed that others are unable to do.

The workout in question was the dreaded leapfrog run!  I only had five or so kids out and I wanted to get in some marathon or faster paced running. So we did the leapfrog run. This is a 1 1/4 mile warm up, to a point in the housing area on the north side of the Rancho Vista golf course. There we run down the street headed toward 30th. There are a bunch of very short cul de sacs on one side. We follow the sidewalk around all the cul de sacs. If you are the last runner, though, you leap frog the cul de sac to move up in the pack. Heading out I averaged just under a 7 min pace and I had to leap frog once. It ended up being about a 1 1/4 mile interval. After a couple minute breather we turned around and did the same thing heading back. This time I found myself right behind the leader – a high school boy who was back for a visit. I hung with him a couple of cul de sacs and then pushed on by. I remained the  leader all the way through and never leap frogged. Two of my 8th grade boys, though, hung with me and then kicked ahead of me at the finish. My average pace heading back was around 6:40.

With the head and the speed, the boys were done. I have never seen them run a cool down so slowly. I averaged 9 minutes per mile and I had to stop and wait for them a couple of times because they were getting WAY behind.

Wednesday, btw, I ran an easy 5 with Lance and Chuck on the aqueduct. I stopped at 5 and the two of them continued a bit farther.

Today, Friday the team and I did an easy 4 mile recovery run with a couple of strides afterwards.

Our school year is finishing next week. I only have one more opportunity to run with them. We will be running to Vince’s Pizza on Tuesday after school to celebrate our year of club running!

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