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Lots of friends going to O2O!!

Full Marathon:  Sarah Bird, June Heaton and myself.

Half Marathon: Lance Close, Bev Oneil, Deborah Petty, Justin Pantanan, Tiffanie Marley and Lauren Duke!

Support Crew: Chuck !!

It is going to be a fun day. Races are always more fun when shared with friends!

Speaking of friends, it was great to get to run with Lauren this morning. Chris is back so she can get out there in the mornings once again!  Chris returned a couple of days ago and the Jethawks did a great surprise for their children.

Today, I only ran 5 miles. Thursday I did a workout at Clay’s and as typical, I over did it. I am sore. The combination of soreness and wind and the fact that I am tapering convinced me to call it a day after just 5.  One last thought here. I did a little checking of the records and for my top 3 marathons, I took the weekend prior to my race REALLY easy….

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