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3 days in a row on the aqueduct

I already posted about Saturday’s run – just a 5 miler on sore legs.

Yesterday, Sunday, the soreness was pretty much gone. Chuck, Lance, Dave and I were there at 6:15 to get some miles in. As usual, 2.5 miles in to the run, Tiffanie joined us. We did the first 5 miles in a reasonable time of 41:42. Dave and I stopped for a drink. Lance paused with us. Tiffanie headed all the way to the bridge before turning around. Chuck turned and headed out for the second lap with a head start on us.

Dave, Lance and I settled into a comfortable pace and ran a half mile or so before I noticed that we did not seem to be gaining much on Chuck. Tiffanie, of course caught us and then surged on ahead to run with him. We did not catch Chuck until about 1 3/4 miles. It turned out that Chuck had picked up the pace to see how long he could hold us off!  I eased up to run with Chuck and the rest started getting ahead. At the turn around Tiffanie left.

Shortly before the 8th mile mark I stopped to tie my shoe while Chuck kept going. I got up and picked up the pace to around marathon pace effort. I passed the mile mark and caught Chuck. I decided to do the last two at marathon pace so I kept on cruising. Moments later I noticed that Chuck was hanging in there right behind me. He joked about doing a half mile at 5K pace! As I gained on Dave and Lance I may have let the pace creep up a bit. I timed it to catch them at the 9 mile mark. The split for that mile was 7:14. The three of us continued at the faster pace. I decided to tell Lance some of my jokes, to ensure that I was staying at a conversational effort.  Ex: What do you call a guy with no arms or legs in a pool?  Bob!  Dave dropped back a bit, but in the last quarter he surged to catch us. Lance surged to stay ahead. The race was on. The three of us kicked in to the finish. Lance and Dave both outkicked me – no surprise there.  10th mile: 7:15. We did the last five in 39:01.

This morning Lance and Chuck and I ran an easy 5 miler. 42:15

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