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Month: June 2012


The YMCA is offering a triple crown medal for running in all 3 of their events this year. I did the Friendship run in February and I will probably do […]

1st Run back at home

After sleeping VERY soundly for 5 hours, I got up and headed over to Marie Kerr park. There I met with my athletes and Godfrey Byass, who coaches with me. […]

Feeling not so recovered….

Sunday, after a very easy 10 miler I was walking down the aisle at church, just heading up to practice guitar, etc, when I felt a twinge in my hamstring. […]

10 Miles!

Spread out over two days of course….  Thursday and Friday I have continued my recovery with two easy 5 milers – aqueduct, 6 am. Thursday it was Chuck Lauren and […]

Time to get back at it….

I rested Monday. I rested some more yesterday. I did take my wife to the mall for our typical walk. It felt good to stretch things out a bit. Today […]