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10 Miles!

Spread out over two days of course….  Thursday and Friday I have continued my recovery with two easy 5 milers – aqueduct, 6 am. Thursday it was Chuck Lauren and I. Today Chuck, Lance and I ran. Out at the turn around Tiffanie appeared, but this time she was not alone. She was leading one of those scary running gangs. She ran up to us and chalenged us….. (lol) ….. to a race.  Accompanying Tiffanie were Lauren and two young ladies. One a current Paraclete runner and the other a former Paraclete, current East New Mexico University runner. We declined the challenge.

Afterwards I headed over to Marie Kerr for the Hillview running club workout. My calves were pretty tight so I decided not to push it by attempting more miles today.  The other area of continued tightness/soreness is my neck!  Actually, I don’t think this was caused by the marathon. My upper back/neck area tends to be tight and it was getting especially so the last part of last week. I do not notice it when I am running but it can be bothersome at other times.

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