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Feeling not so recovered….

Sunday, after a very easy 10 miler I was walking down the aisle at church, just heading up to practice guitar, etc, when I felt a twinge in my hamstring. It was noticeable the rest of the day so I took Monday off.

Today, I met the kids for our Hillview workout. I must have had 30 or so out there.  The first mile I was feeling it a little in the hamstring, so I took it very easy. We ran over behind Highland and did some hill sprints. I started cautiously and the hamstring felt fine once I got going.

Running back down the dirt path to head back to the park, I was following some new very slow runners. This particular path is always very fun to run down as it is just a single track cut through the brush on a nice gradual descent. I got tired of plodding at the back and when the path widened just a bit I sprinted past a few. When the path widened again I darted to my left to go around them.

My left foot hit something uneven and the ankle rolled to the outside. This has happened enough to me over the years that my body knows how to minimize the damage. As soon as it senses the ankle going over the weight is removed from that leg. The body falls forward and downward and the other leg tries to plant itself under me quickly enough to avoid falling. It worked, but then that stressed left ankle had to take the next step. I held it together and I am not sure the students even noticed. It probably looked like I had tripped and caught myself while sprinting past them.

After finishing the run (another half mile) and heading home it does not seem too bad. I iced it and put it up for a while and I am taking it easy the rest of the day.

Tomorrow evening, the Bermuda adventure begins!

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