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Too rough for running

Day 2 – Friday:

Shortly after we left Hudson Bay and got out into the open ocean, the ship got to rocking. The winds were blowing 20-25 mph from the south and the ship was headed 20 – 25 mph to the south east. The waves were reported at 6 ft. Waves, by the way, are measured from where the water would be if there were no wave. So, a 6 ft wave is really 12 ft tall looking at its face. Of course, looking at these waves from the 9th or 10th deck above water they do not look like much. But, they did get the boat rocking.

Friday morning, I got up and got dressed for a run. I headed toward the 10th deck, where the running track is. The doors were closed and locked with a sign posted, saying that the deck was closed due to inclemient weather. So, I headed for the fitness center to run a a dreaded treadmill. I noticed as I went into the room that the only persons using treadmills were walking and that they were all holding onto the handles. I hopped up and crancked up the speed. I lasted just a few seconds. I quickly realized that I would be soon off of the treadmill as much as it was moving and swaying while I tried to run on it. I wandered a little farther around the room and spotted an open elliptical machine. I have never used one of these. I got on, started it up and held on! I was able to run 32 minutes around a virtual 5k course. Even on the elliptical I would never make it without holding on. Besides the side to side swaying there was a peculiar up and down motion of the ship that made you feel light and fast for a couple strides and then 400 pounds heavy and very sluggish the next couple strides. After 32 minutes, I figured that that was enough of that!

We spent the rest of the day at sea. We took some Dramamine later in the afternoon as the rolling seas went on and on. We did both sleep very well that night.

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