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We made it to Baltimore!

We did not have internet access on the ship, so I wrote my blog in word. I will post here a few days at a time till I catch up so as not to overwhelm any of you readers with a whole tome all at once!

Day 1 – getting to the ship on time:

We were worried there for awhile. My daughter, Tiffany, dropped us off at LAX 9 pm on Wednesday night, for our 11 pm flight. Since our trip is a rather long one, we had to bring a couple of large suitcases which we checked with United. We made it through security with only one delay. They seemed peculiarly interested in my left shoe – I figure it was the inserts.  In any case we made it to our gate with at least an hour and a half to spare. I got out my lap top and checked for wireless but there was none. I found a scrabble game. Cheryl and I enjoyed it for awhile.

I just played a 35 pointer when I happened to overhear another passenger mention that the flight was delayed by more than an hour. I went and looked at the board but could not find the flight. I asked a guy at the gate counter and he said they moved the flight to another gate and that it would be about an hour 20 minutes delayed.  Cheryl and I had a connecting flight in Chicago, so I got worried. I headed to the correct gate and they sent me to customer service.

There were only 5 of us in line, but the two agents took FOREVER!  While in line I googled my flight number and they showed it delayed. I googled the connecting flight and it was on time! There was a 10 minute window to make the connection. When I finally got to the counter, she tried to move my connecting flight to the next one, but it was full. So she suggested the one after that. This flight would leave Chicago Thursday afternoon and get us to Baltimore at 4! We would miss the departure of our cruise! I told her I would rather chance the 10 minute connection.

While in line I noticed that they had an 800 number to call for customer assistance. When I got back to the gate I called it and this agent was much more helpful.  She transferred us to another airline for the connecting flight – American. I asked her about our checked bags. She said I would have to ask at the gate to get them transferred. I got to the gate and they said I would have to ask at the gate when I got off in Chicago.  In Chicago they sent us to the customer service desk who told us that our bags would automatically be put on the next United flight to Baltimore.

So we took a LONG walk from the United terminal to the American one, We got some breakfast and waited. We caught our flight to Baltimore and headed for the United baggage claim. Fortunately, this was not a long walk. When we got there we noticed some bags cordoned off with fancy ribbons on them! Our bags had indeed made it Baltimore faster than we had.

We caught a taxi and made it to the cruise by 1:30.

On board the Enchantment of the Seas we got some lunch and we began to explore.

Coincidentally, there was a USN Sailibration going on in town. We got so watch some cool flyovers right next to the ship!

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