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Bermuda part II

Day 4 – Sunday –

Today, Cheryl and I decided to go check out the Crystal Caves of Bermuda. To get there we would take a ferry to Hamilton and then a 20 – 25 minute bus ride. We stepped off the ship and it was lightly raining. We made our way to the ferry terminal and they announced that the particular ferry we were waiting for was out of service. We could wait a half hour for the next of take the bus, which pulled up right at that moment.  The bus ride to Hamilton took 65 minutes. There was lots and lots of stops until the bus became so full that the driver just quit stopping to pick up passengers. It turned out that our bus was continuing on toward the caves so we stayed aboard . After another 25 we made it. We walked down the road to the Caves. It was worth all the effort.

They took us only to one pretty big cavern. The interesting thing is that this cave is right at sea level. So, the cavern is partially filled with water. They had the water illuminated with lights. It was crystal clear and looked only a few feet deep. They told us, however, it was as deep as 35 feet in places.  We caught the bus back to Hamilton and wnt to the the ferry. It would be an hour till the next one. So, we walked across the street and waited for the next bus. We enjoyed seeing the so much of the Island as we took another ride.

Back at the Dockyards the rain, got heavy. We checked out the shops and such then headed to the ship. Shortly thereafter,  the wind picked up so much that they could not keep the loading ramp in place. I happened to be down there when it happened because somehow I had lost my watch. I had put it through the scanner in a bowl and I thought I had grabbed it, but I could not find it. They were too busy dealing with a ramp that they could not lower.  A couple hours later I headed to guest relations. They had my watch.  I hoped that they did not recognize us from the day before…..

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