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I lost my luggage again….

Day 3 Saturday –

When we awoke this morning we were still a couple  hours from docking. The wind, however had subsided and the seas were much better. The Island came into sight and we got ready to go explore. We got off the ship and bought 2 day bus/ferry passes. There was an old lighthouse we had read about and I thought we could start our explorations there.

We caught a bus which dropped us off a quarter mile away. We walked up the road and enjoyed some step climbing  and some awesome views



After the lighthouse is where the adventure really begins. We made our way back to the bus stop and waited for the next bus. Just a few minutes later a car pulled up and this nice lady asked if we would like a ride. Now, I do not normally take rides from strangers, but this lady looked about 70. She had a baby seat in the back for her grandchildren and she had a yummy looking plate of macaroni and cheese on the front seat.  So, we took her up on her offer. She drove us down the road and stopped at some overlooks looking down at some awesome pink sanded beaches.

She took us to the Botanical Gardens and dropped us off. We got out of the car and started to walk into the park.

Then, Uh oh!!

We had walked maybe 10 meters before I realized that I did not have my backpack on my back. We turned and saw the nice lady drive away as I ran back. There was not much in the backpack…. A couple of water bottles, my freebie OC Marathon jacket, a bottle of sun block, some bus maps and schedules, and …… OUR PASSPORTS! From our conversation we realized that she probably lived somewhat nearby. We hoped that she would notice the backpack when she got to her destination and bring it right back . We stood where she dropped us off and waited for more than an hour. While we waited the local flora

and fauna

kept us


The cruise ship room key had an 800 number , but being in a foreign country, not wanting to pay international roaming charges, my phone was off and in the cabin. Finally, I wandered over to a young couple sitting on the grass and asked for a phone with they provided. The cruise people asked if they needed to send someone for us. We said no, I had my wallet and the bus passes. We could get back to the cruise ship. They said to go ahead and enjoy our day and they would let us back onto the ship when we got there. The passport, btw, was the only photo id we had for Cheryl with us.

We wandered the gardens and then found the bus stop and caught a ride into Hamilton. We wandered there for a while finding this incredible old Catholic Cathedral.

When we got back to customs, at the ship we were pulled aside and our pockets and such were inspected. They looked us up on the ship’s manifest and permitted us through customs. The lady there, when she heard our story, told as that she was certain that the Bermudan lady would bring the backpack to us. We hoped so.

After passing Bermuda’s customs we had to go through ship’s security. When Cheryl put her room key into the entrance station buzzers went off. The agent there told her there was a message to check guest relations. We went straight to deck 5 and went up to the counter. The backpack was already there!  This is the 2nd time in this trip where our luggage has found its way somewhere ahead of us!

At about 5 pm, I decided to go for a run. I considered leaving the ship and going for a run in Bermuda, but the streets here are VERY harrow. In most places there is no shoulder or sidewalk. In many places the road is carved through a hillside. When two busses go by, there is NO room to spare.  So, I decided to go for a run on deck. Cheryl went up to walk at the same time.

There is a track on deck 10 and it is marked as being 400 meters or ¼ mile long. My goal was to run at least 30 minutes. I started out at an easy pace, but felt slow and lethargic. Here are some pics Cheryl took as I ran by…

About 4 miles into the run another guy came out and started running. He did not start with me. I spotted him getting ready and never saw him again. After awhile Cheryl told me the other guy was gaining on me.  Now, I am a pretty competitive person by nature. So, I decided it was time for speedwork! As I rounded the bow of the ship I accelerated to 5K-10K pace and ran down the port side.

At the stern as I crossed back to the starboard I relaxed the pace back to marathon pace. As I finished this first lap I vowed to do at least 10 of these.

On number 2, I spotted the other guy headed up the opposite deck. I noted that he and I reached the opposite side’s bridges at the same time.

Next lap I had gained about 5 meters. As the laps went on I was steadily gaining. Of course, I also realized that I was not gaining quickly enough to actually catch him anytime soon.  After maybe 6 laps, I spotted him up ahead on my side! On the next lap, though he stopped! Now what was I supposed to do? I had told myself 10 reps so I continued the pattern. After the 10th I backed off to an easy run.

I was about to call it quits at mile 7 when a young couple began to jog. I ran easy for a lap and saw that I was gaining significantly. On the next lap I saw them up ahead and I focused on pulling them in. Then they started walking.  That was too easy! I had passed 7 miles, now so I figured I might as well make it 8. It turned out to be a nice tempo type run, a good preparation workout for next week’s Spirit of Gettysburg 5K.

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