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New Pr! 11:12 and adventures at Crazier Corner

Day 5 New Pr!  11:12 and adventures at Crazier Corner

Today was a day at sea. The ship was sailing from Bermuda to Boston. At the morning breakfast we looked out and saw some rain, but by the time we were finished so was the rain. We went out on deck and discovered that it was pretty windy, but the rain seemed to be gone to stay. Yeah!

One of the activities listed on the ship’s “Daily Compass” was a soduko  contest. Cheryl suggested that I should enter and see if I could win a free cruise. At 11:00 we headed to the Bolero lounge and picked up soduko puzzles. They had us keep them face down until they said go. At the signal I turned mine over and jumped right in. I am very good at Sudoku. But I do not usually try to do them for time! I have a systematic approach to solving them, but I figured that this would not be the fastest. Instead I scanned and looked for the parts that I could fill in and tried to keep it quick. After a while I figured that the opportunity to win was dwindling so I decided to take a chance. I knew that two particular squares were 2 and 6,  but I did not know which was the 2 and which was the 6. I used a “small font” to pencil in 2 in the first box and 6 in the second. These two answers led to more and more, without fining error until the puzzle was quickly solved. I raised my hand and the activities lady came over and checked. She wrote 11:12 on the top of the sheet and asked my name. It turned out that I WON!  Unfortunately, the prize was not a free cruise. I got a nice gold medal on a blue ribbon to add to my collection. I also got an assortment of Royal Caribbean stickers, pencils, luggage tags, etc. Cheryl told me that I should count this as my new Sudoku contest PR!

Those who have read this blog regularly will know of the place I call crazy corner. It is one particular turn on the aqueduct 1 mile north west of Avenue S. When the wind is blowing it can be pretty crazy at crazy corner.  Well on this day I discovered a crazier corner…..After Sudoku, or was it earlier? – not knowing whether the weather would change,  even though I knew it would be windy, I went to deck 10 to run 3 miles. I put on my Garmin mainly for laughs. I wanted to see how fast the ship and I together could run across the ocean. I headed up the starboard side toward the stern. I made it about 50 meters before the hurricane-like wind blew my hat off. Now this was one of my well fitting running hats that has never, ever blown off – not even in the craziest of Antelope Valley winds. Fortunately, for me anyway, the hat hit a lady walking behind me and she almost caught it. She knocked the hat down and it blew into a stack of  tied up chaise lounges. Now that should have told me something. They had taken all the chaise lounges, stacked them, and TIED THEM DOWN up at the front of the ship.

I retrieved my hat and held it tightly in my hand and turned to face the wind. I ran a couple steps in place before I started to proceed forward. My running shirt was being blown up to about chest level! I made it across the front of the ship and enjoyed the other side. The wind picked me up and the strides became long as the wind assisted me on the port side of the ship. I turned and faced the wind of the starboard side and completed lap 1. I glanced at my Garmin and it said that I had covered .84 miles running this quarter mile lap. So, in the time it took me to run about a quarter, the ship had covered .6. It turns out, btw, that cruise ships only cruise at slightly more than 20 mph. A good bicyclist can cover ground as fast as a cruise ship can traverse the ocean. By the time I had finished my 12 laps, the Garmin said I had run almost 10 miles.  To cool off, I simply grabbed onto a rail and stood in a shady spot for awhile. The sweat quickly evaporated and my body temperature became nice and cool. When I looked at my hair, upon return to the cabin, it was rather interesting. That explains a few of the smiles I got from the other passengers on the walk back down to my cabin.

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