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Boston version 3.0

Day 6 –

No running today – but lots of walking. It was awesome today, being able to take my wife to some of the sights I had already seen in Boston. Our goal today was to see as much of the Freedom Trail as we could in the 7 hours we had to explore Boston. The cruise offered an escorted freedom trail tour for $76 but my sensible wife talked me into doing it on our own. The ship also offered a special shuttle to take passengers from the ship to Quincy Market, which is pretty convenient to the trail. The shuttle, however, was $19. I knew of course, how to get there on the T for $2!

We got off the ship and asked the first Bostonian we saw, where the stop for the T was. He pointed it out. It was right across the street from the front of the ship. We got there and soon another couple came along. Then some more came along after that. That 2nd couple were talking about the Freedom Trail and trying to figure it out so I gave them some pointers. Then I welcomed them to come along with us as we were heading there. Within 5 minutes the bus was there and off we went. Getting off the bus in the subway terminal to make a a transfer, I knew exactly which way to go. I had been there on my way to and from the Boston Marathon Expo this year. We made it down the stairs just as the next train going to Park Street – and the Boston Commons, arrived. We boarded and within a few more minutes we were there! It was cool how much quicker you could get somewhere in Boston than you could back in Bermuda!

John and Darlene decided to hang with us for the whole day. The four of us did the first part of the freedom trail. I had done this before, but there were some cool differences this time. At the state house, a police officer mentioned that we could go inside! There was lots of statues and historical information there. Here is a picture looking up at the inside of the dome.

It does not do it justice, as this was quite bright and beautiful. We looked at the burial grounds and the churches taking some time at King’s church. We had several opportunities to eavesdrop on the tour guides that were all over the place leading their tours. When we got to the old original state house we decided to sign up for a tour just of this building.

The Trail tour guides do not actually go into any buildings so we were accidently getting the best of both worlds. This tour focused on the history of this old building and the event known as the Boston Massacre. It turns out that it was more of a riot that went bad then it was a massacre. It was very interesting .  Next we checked out Fenuil hall and then headed towards Paul Revere’s house. On the way we caught up with a ranger led tour. These tours begin at Fenuil hall and are free of charge. We would have signed up for one but the timing was bad. Since the tour we stumbled upon was free, we did not feel guilty joining in. The guide gave us a great story about Revere,

his house,

the North Church and the night of Paul Revere’s famous ride.

After finishing with at North Church, we decided we would not have time to head to Old Ironsides or Bunker Hill. We walked back to the Commons and detoured into The Boston Gardens.

Famous for its statues of the Duck and Ducklings in the children’s story “Make way for Ducklings.”

A quick ride on the T got us back to the ship with 40 minutes to spare!

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