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Finished the cruise – Am I recovering or tapering?

The weather was great these last couple days of the cruise. I “tapered” for Saturday’s race. That is, I got lazy and did not run – at all. Of course, this had been a cruise and I have not resisted the wonderful food. Oh well, Clay told me to enjoy my vacation and recover. So I did!!!!

On Wednesday we took a tour of a couple of the famous Mansions of Newport Rhode Island. Around the turn of the century 1800 to 1900, some of the elite of New York built some “summer cottages” in Newport Rhode Island.  These places are huge and they are opulent. The tour I took took us to one called the Breakers and one called the Marble house.

These were built by two different Vanderbuilt families. It was very interesting. The only place I had seen that was even grander was Hearst Castle.

Thursday was a final day at sea. Cheryl and I enjoyed a very relaxing day. The only thing of note was that I attempted to defend my Sudoku title, unsuccessfully. I did, however establish a new PR of 7:20.

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