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1st Run back at home

After sleeping VERY soundly for 5 hours, I got up and headed over to Marie Kerr park. There I met with my athletes and Godfrey Byass, who coaches with me. We did 2 Big loops around the park – 3.0 miles, a few form drills and some Frisbee Golf! Just an easy 4 miler to get back into the swing of things.

I find myself with LOTS of races coming up. Tomorrow there is a 5K at the Y in Lancaster. It is part of a series they are doing for the year so I do not want to skip it. On Wednesday, the 4th, there is the Santa Clarita Independence Day 5K and 10K. A few weeks ago, when I was feeling very gung ho about this, I registered for them BOTH,  but after this time off, I am not expecting to be all that well prepared. Of course, the next day, is the HDR Thursday night XC race! 4 races in 6 days is not great planning. Oh well, it would probably be too warm at most of them for PRs anyway. I shall treat them as opportunities to race my way back into shape.

Of course, when you race multiple times close together, you naturally will not do PR type work. Your body is not recovered from one when you do the next.  At each one you have to listen to your body and only push it as hard as it seems that it wants to go. I am thinking that the first race on Wednesday – the 10K, should be the best. It is earlier in the morning at cooler temperatures and fatigue should not be much of a factor. We will see how much fitness I still have after all my rest (er… I mean…. tapering.)

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