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Lots of Vacationing – no running…

Once we got of the cruse ship Last friday, other than the Spirit of Gettysburg 5K, I have not gone running – AT ALL.

Most days we were up early and out of our hotel and on our way to some touristy place. Most days the touring continued until after dinner. Most evenings I was in a hotel surfing the net, focusing on what to do the next day.  We had a great time. Here is a brief overview.

Friday 6/22:  We got off the ship and drove from Baltimore to Gettysburg Pennsylvania. We spent the afternoon touring the battlegrounds and visiting the visitor center.

Saturday 6/23: Spirit of Gettysburg 5K in the morning. We spent the afternoon checking out some of the other Gettysburg museums and such. We also toured President Eisenhower’s Farm. It was interesting how simple it was compared to the extravagant Vanderbuilt mansions. In the evening we went to a special service that was held at Christ’s Church. This is a Lutheran church that was already standing during the Battle at Gettysburg. They played music from the time period and read poems and diary journal entries focusing on what happened at their church, which served as a makeshift hospital, for both sides, during and after the battle.

Sunday 6/24: We drove from Gettysburg to Philedelphia. We toured Freedom Hall and the rest of the stuff around it. Then we drove to our Hotel on the outskirts of DC.

Monday 6/25: We took the subway into town. We wandered a bit, then toured the Capital Building. Then we spent the entire afternoon checking out the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.

Tuesday 6/26: We took the subway into town and spent the morning taking a long walk to see all the monuments around The National Mall. We started at Washington’s Monument and made a big clockwise circle, eventually making our way behind the White House. As it got hot in the afternoon we ducked into the Smithsonian’s National History Museum. There we spent the rest of the day.

Wednesday 6/27: Wt took the subway into town and went to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to see where they make the money. Next we walked over to the Botanical Gardens and then to the Smithsonian’s Native American Museum. They had an interesting exhibit on Native Americans in the Olympics. Their display included Jim Thorpe’s and Billy Mills’ Gold Medals! Next we caught a subway across town to check out a couple of art museums. Check out the “Game Fish” in the slide show….

Thursday 6 /28: We drove from our hotel to Mt Vernon to check out George Washington’s Plantation Estate. This is a very interesting museum. You tour the mansion, wander the grounds and the out buildings, then explore their museum. The museum includes several films. This took until afternoon. From there we made our way to the airport. Our flight was, once again, delayed. We got home a little after midnight.

Here is a slide show with all the pics from the ‘after cruise’ portion of our trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Sounds like Cheryl and you had a great trip! I enjoyed reading all of your posts. The pictures are great! Looking forward to running with you and hearing all about your vacation.

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