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The YMCA is offering a triple crown medal for running in all 3 of their events this year. I did the Friendship run in February and I will probably do the Turkey Trot in November, so I figured I might as well run their Summer Sizzling 5K race today. I don’t feel I need to belabor all the splits and such. The race played out very similar to last week. I finished just a tad faster in 21:13. Of course, we are unsure of the distance so I don’t know if I actually ran any faster…..

But, since this was a pretty small race, I placed 4th overall and1st in my age group. Speaking of which, I felt sorry for the older guys. Their oldest age division was 50 and over!  I was in the same division with guys in their 60s like Jessie, and guys in their 70s like John Duster and even octogenarian Woody!

btw, I stepped on the scale yesterday to see the damages from the cruise. The answer? Not much. I had been in the upper 160s before the cruise and came back at 169. It helped, that my thrifty wife resisted spending a lot on eating out the 6 days after the cruise. We bought yogurt and granola to have in our room for breakfast. We bought one larger eating out meal sometime in the afternoon and supplemented with some snacks along the way. I did not run, but I was up and moving for hours on each of these days.

Tomorrow I will be running on the aqueduct. 10 miles starting at 6:15.  Speaking of Sunday runs, our church schedule has shifted earlier in the morning. I will need to be done by 7:45. So if I am to go longer than 10 on a Sunday morning it will require a very early start.

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