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Santa Clarita Independence Day 10K

Most 4ths of July, lately has found me at the Independence Day 5K in Santa Clarita. You would think that the 4th of July would be an awfully hot day for a race, but the early morning temperatures are usually not too bad! This year, after my marathon PR, I was all excited about recovering, ramping up, and shooting for a new 10K pr. I was so excited that I went online and registered for both the 10K AND the 5K.

Then after a week or so of recovery from the marathon I twisted my ankle mildly. So I took a few days off. This led into my 15 day vacation. Mentally, I let down over vacation and let my body get fully recovered. I ran only 4 days on the 15 day trip including the Spirit of Gettysburg 5K. So, I returned home 4 weeks after the marathon significantly detrained. It has shown in the times I posted at Gettysburg and last Saturday at the YMCA 5K – 21:37 and 21:13.

Still I was cautiously optimistic that I could run a good 10K this morning. That is what I did. I ran a good 10K – not a great one. I was a minute slower than I ran in Fillmore back in May – 44:22. The weather seemed sufficiently cool, but it was a bit humid and overcast. The course is a gradual downhill heading northwest on the bike path and a gradual uphill coming back. The grade did not seem significant, but either the grade or my fatigue sure slowed down the last couple of miles. It was probably a little of both. On the way back I did manage to pass three runners- so I was doing well compared to others.

Still, when I was finished, I decided I was done. I passed on running the 5K.

Jen and Sarah, however, did a great job on both of them! Jen finished the 10K in around 42 minutes, well ahead of me. Most of the race I thought I saw her out in front of me and I was gaining on her. When I caught her, however, I discovered that it was Sarah. Sarah finished a few places behind me. Jen was the 2nd female in the race. Sarah was 4th.

In the 5K, Jen ran around 21 minutes, I believe and placed 2nd in her division. Sarah was 3rd.

Karl was there and was pleased to run the 5K in the low 19s.

Oh, Neal was there as well – 3rd place in 16:12.

Others I noticed included Jessie Williams, Tony Teske (1oK), Alan Brown (volunteering), Claire Durand and student Cooper Cetti.

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