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Boy am I sore!

So, if you read the last post you will see that I may have overdid it on the Skierg machine! This morning I woke up with very tight and sore glutes. But, since I am in a rebuilding mode I headed out to the aqueduct for an easy 5 miler with Chuck and Lance (41:42) Then I headed over to Marie Kerr Park for the Hillview practice.

I had a nice surprise as Shawn Jackson – former student/runner and current Cal Lutheran student/runner showed up and joined in. We ran over behind Highland and did 30s hill repeats. I figured I would just tag slowly along. On the first rep, indeed that was about all I could do. On the second, however I was beginning to loosen up and feel stronger. On the next few I did better and better. On the 5th and 6th I finished ahead of almost all the kids! Next we headed over to the aqueduct access hill/road we call Mt. Diable. It is 100m at a 16% grade (according to my Garmin.) We sprinted up it twice.  Then we ran easy back to Marie Kerr for a 4 mile workout.

At Marie Kerr we did a set of ab killers and I discovered that my glutes were not the only parts that were sore. My abs and shoulders were sore as well.

Good thing tomorrow is a rest day as I am working on timing the Run with the Law 5K and 10K races at the fairgrounds.

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