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HDR XC series week #2 & strength training

First: at noon I headed over to Clay’s office to get some strength training. Here is what I did:

10 minute stationary bike warm up
2 minute Ski Erg warm up.

Now, if you have not seen or used a ski erg machine, you may not be familiar with this particular method of torture. So, here is a picture:

To use the machine you put your hands into the two straps up at the top. You pull down and back on the straps while doing a squat. So it is sort of like cross country skiing with your arms combined with a squatting motion with your legs. I have not done enough real cross country skiing to know how well the machine equates with actual cross country skiing. But you get a pretty good full body workout out if it!

The computer control of the machine measures time and virtual distance traveled as if you were actually skiing.

So, after the warm up, since it has been about 6 or 8 weeks since I had been there, Clay wanted me to establish a new standard to measure progress by. So I did a 100 meter sprint. It took me 21.8 seconds.

Then I started the workout which was 3 of the following sets:

3 x 30 s on the ski erg
1 lap of band walks
1 lap of inch worms
10 Val slides on each leg
So, yes that was 3 sets with 3 reps of 30 seconds on the machine…..
The first set’s distance traveled was: 124, 128, 123 = 125 average
The second set was 129, 127, 125 = 127 average
The 3rd set was 129, 129, 126 = 128 average

After completing the workout laying in a defeated (by the final inchworm) blob on the floor. Clay suggested I do a 500 m standard on the ski erg.  This took 2 minutes 3 seconds.

I completed the workout with some balancing work – throwing weighted balls at a rebounder while standing on one leg.

By the time I got over to Pelona Vista Park for the High Desert Runners Cross Country Series race, my glutes were already feeling the effects of the workout (combined with yesterday’s 10K race.) So, I decided that I would enjoy the evening by not racing. Instead I did something I had seen Clay do a number of times. I took my camera with me so I could take pictures during the race. I snapped a few before the 1 mile race and then joined in at the back. During the 5K race I even stepped off course so I could snap some photos of the race leaders coming by on the opposite side of the 1st loop. I rejoined the race in dead last place and ran around an 8 minute pace snapping photos as I went along. Here are those that came out half way decent:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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