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Frisbee Golf Attack!

This morning I started with and easy 5 with Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct. Then I headed straight over to the park to run with my Hillview kids. We started with a big (1.5 mile) park loop and a small (2/3 mile) loop. Then I divided the kids into teams for Frisbee Golf.

My version of frisbee golf is a race. Each team has one frisbee. I select targets like light poles and trashcans around the park with 3 or 4 targets making a game. When I say go, the first person on each team throws their frisbees. It is quite chaotic and fun, as these are cheap, lightweight (so as not to hurt when you get hit by one), unbalanced frisbees. They go every which way. Person number two then picks up the frisbee from wherever it has gone and throws it, and so on. My team included two of my athletes, Ally and Abby along with Jennie Smith and myself. The secret is not to try to do too much with the throws. Toss is a little ways, pick it up toss it again, and keep running!

Whilst we were playing our first game, the Highland High Cross Country Team, was playing some other frisbee game on the field closest to the tennis courts. There were at least 50 kids out there and only two frisbees. A lot of them were standing around. We decided to attack! For our second game we started on the sidewalk by the basketball courts facing the Highland team. I selected a trash can on the far side of their field as the first target and then another one on the east end of their field for the second target. The third target was a concrete structure near where we were starting.

I yelled go, and off we went! 20 or so middle school kids, with 3 adults (Jen Oblinger, Jennie Smith and myself) and 5 frisbees charging straight across the Highland game with 50 high school kids and 2 frisbees! It was great fun. It just so happened, though that while were in the middle of our chaos, they were leaving. By the time we finished our game we were the only ones remaining. Well, with the exception of Fritz. Fritz is a young man who helps with the Highland team, but his younger brother has started to run with me. Fritz stayed with me for the rest of practice. We added a couple of games of sharks and minnows, and a round of ab-killers to complete the workout!

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