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5 times 1 mile at the Park + plus Partner Tortures….

Karl and I met EARLY at Marie Kerr park this morning for another hard workout. Rather than do the 2.5 mile repeats that we did last week, we opted for 1 mile repeats. The park is about 1.25 in circumference so we ran partial laps, fast and finished each lap nice and easy. Each hard section started at the light at 30th and Rancho Vista. We headed east, then north, then west, then south. The Garmin would beep the completion of a mile about 50 meters into the southward heading section (the path along the west side of the park.)  My mile splits were 7:02, 6:58, 6:52, 6:59, and 6:52.  Karl and I figure that the negotiating of the parks paths and the sometimes less than perfect footing costs 10s a mile…. So I was pleased with the workout.

After Karl left, the Hillview kids arrived. We did a 3 mile “warm up” and then had some fun. We did  a couple of shuttle relays and a couple of rounds of partner tortures. Shuttle relays are sort of like a basketball drill. There are 3 sticks placed at the different distances out in front of you . You have to run out and pick them up and bring them back and place them on the start line one at a time. Then the next person on the team picks them up from the start line and runs out and puts them back on their lines – one at a time.  Partner tortures at the park involve a run and a core strength exercise. In teams of three, one person runs (out and around the playground, up and over two sets of picnic tables, up into the playground equipment, down the twisting slide and back to the start line) and the next person does an exercise (planks). When the runner gets back the exerciser runs, the third person exercises and the runner rests. When runner #2 gets back they rotate again so that all have run and have done the exercise.

Well, that is the start of my work for the day….. Now I am off to Clay’s

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