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First, an update on what I have been up to since my last post.

I posted on Wednesday morning that I ran to Jamba. After that run, Cheryl and I got in the car and headed “down below” for the day. The first stop was an arboretum in Fullerton. It turned out to be on the Cal State Fullerton campus. It was not really huge, but it was a nice way to spend an hour. Next, we headed toward Newport Beach with a stop at Panera Bread for linner. That is not a typo – it is linner –  a late lunch/early dinner.  Then we drove through Balboa Island and used the ferry before heading south to Laguna.

Our main destination was the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. We arrived hours early and spent some time wandering around the little downtown area. We also hopped on the free shuttle trolley and enjoyed the views out to Dana Point and back. Then we headed into the Pageant’s art display and waited for the show. At 8:30 it was finally time. The Pageant of the Masters is a unique event that they have been doing for 80 years. They have a large outdoor ampitheatre with a stage area. They have a live orchestra. The music plays and the curtain goes up and it looks like you are seeing a life size version of some famous painting or art work. You examine it closely with binoculars. Most of the time, you cannot tell that the persons in the painting are actually live actors! They do paintings and statues and other amazing stuff. It is an awesome show! The highlight of this years show included an appearance of all the planets in our solar system!

The show ended around 10:45. Our seats (half price internet special) were 4 rows from the top and near the far right side. The only exit was at the bottom left. It took a while to file out of the ampitheatre. Then we had to make our way through the art exhibit, out the front, across the street and down the road to the car – Then began a miserable ride home.

We quickly made our way up highway 133 and got on the 5 heading north. We made a stop for a late snack since it had been such a long time since we had eaten. I also figured some caffeine for the ride home would be good. After we passed Disneyland the freeway just stopped! The radio said they were doing some graffiti removal project, but they had failed to tell us prior to our getting stuck there. After 5 or 10 minutes we began to inch along and then it stopped again. They were stopping the freeway intermittently to accomplish their work. Once we finally got past the graffiti removal team, just passing the 605, the freeway began to narrow. The left lane was gone and then the 2nd one. All the traffic backed up by the freeway closures now had to funnel through only 2 lanes. By the time we got to Sand Canyon, I had to exit. I needed to get out of the car and stretch my very sore and achy legs. I also needed some air to wake up! Heading up the 14 we came to a stop once again due to a construction project. It was about 2 before we got home and to sleep!

Thursday, I slept in a little but still only got about 6 hours. I headed over to Clay’s for my strength routine. It was pretty much the same as Tuesdays but I did better on the skierg.  The 3 x 30 set was 132, 132, 130.  The first pair of 100 meter sprints was 21.6 and 21.5.  The final 100 meter sprint was 21.5

In the evening Cheryl and I headed over to Pelona Vista for the evening races. I went, not sure if I should run hard. I was really sore and achy during my outing on Wednesday. During the 1 mile warm up I could feel that my hamstrings and glutes were still not recovered. Part way through the race we came to a complete stop. Alan had had a pretty serious hamstring injury. Karl and Eric had stopped and were holding him up on the side of the trail. We headed by and I finished my run in about 10 minutes.  Afterwards I was looking to see if Alan had made it back. I eventually spotted Karl and Eric helping him slowly across the middle of the soccer fields. Justin and I headed out to meet them. When we got back I headed back to the registration area to warn them that the race was about to start. I grabbed my camera to run and take pictures. As I walked over towards the start, the crowd took off before me. I could have gone ahead and followed but I chose to skip it. So it was not a DNF, but a DNS!

Great decision! Standing to the side was a guy with a tv camera. I introduced myself to him. He was from Time Warner. I told him about the AV Fair Wave race and he interviewed me!  He is going to put news of my race on tv!  Yeah! I spent the rest of the evening passing out LOTS of flyers for the race.

Finally, this morning I headed over to Marie Kerr to run with the Hillview kids. I was the only adult there! We headed over behind Highland and did our hill repeats. Today, I felt pretty good and recovered.

I spent the rest of the morning and into the mid afternoon working in the back yard. I have a brick patio that was badly out of level due to tree roots. I dug up on HUGE one. It is about 20 feet long and tapers from a 8 inch diameter down to about a 5 at the other end. I thoroughly exhausted myself trying to remove that one!

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