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Elevation Training part II

So far this has been a pretty unusual trip. The main purpose of the trip is teacher training, but it has turned out to be a running vacation on the side.

It started on the airplane on Tuesday. We flew Southwest and they did not have assigned seating. Cheryl and I had priority numbers pretty low on the cue. By the time we got onboard there were only separate” middle” seats available. Cheryl started out with a seat in the emergency exit aisle and I was about three rows ahead. She noted the extra leg room and offered to trade me. I accepted. I grabbed a Runner’s World magazine out of my bag in the overhead and headed back to her seat. I sat down and glanced at the magazine in the hands of the guy sitting at the window next to me. I recognized it right away and said “I recognize that magazine!”  He was reading the same issue of Runner’s World. During the subsequent almost two hour flight to Denver neither of us got any reading done. Jay and I chatted about running, training, races, shoes, ….. all the way to Denver.

In Denver we met up with about 50 other teachers and a facilitator from the conference we were heading too. We eventually got on a charter bus and headed west over the continental divide to the town of Silverthorn. This is one of several towns in the ski resort area of summit county. Some of the others include Keystone, Frisco and Breckenridge. On the bus I overheard the coordinator and one of the other teachers discussing their ITB programs. I offered to show them some stretches and another runners’ conversation was born. The facilitator, Anne’s husband is a recent Boston Qualifier – at DC.

As the next couple of days have gone by I have discovered 5 or 6 other runners here in the group. Two of them met me for a morning run this morning. I had told them about yesterday’s run up to the dam and they wanted me to show them. So off we went. The other two runners were John and Patty. When the going got steep Patty dropped off to walking. John and I kept her whereabouts in mind as we ran up to and a little ways across the dam. As we turned back we came upon Patty and she turned to join us. As long as it was flat we were able to slow a little and stay with her. We lost her again on the down hill. The run turned out to be 6+, just like yesterday.

This afternoon we had a guest speaker while we were sitting and eating lunch at the Dillon Marina. He saw my California International Marathon hat and yet another runner’s conversation was initiated. I even ended up talking running with the hotel chef after an excellent Lasagna dinner!


Tomorrow, I plan to wake up dark and early and do that loop around the lake. Upon further investigation it is farther than I originally thought. It looks like I will be in the 20 to 20.5 range by the time I am finished. I figure I will need to head out by about 4:30 to be sure to be finished and showered before our 8 o’clock session.

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