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Month: August 2012

Highlights of a long day

Not a long run, a long day…. I woke up at 4 to head over to Joe Walker for my workout with Karl. My glutes were feeling somewhat fatigued still […]

Easy day

I got up and ran an easy 5 with Chuck, Lance and Lauren. After school we had a hot time with the XC team. It was about 100 out there, […]

A short Twosday

I did double workouts today. First at 2 pm and around 98 degrees, the Hillview team and I ran. We stayed on the upper field for the first part and […]

130 so far

When I wrote my last post, I was unaware of how many runners I had coming out for cross country. Well, as of Friday it is in the 130s.  We […]

Speedier speedy work

Clay and I were discussing my workouts yesterday. He was saying that I am set for endurance, but if I want to get faster, I need to get faster.  Well, […]

Ski Erg etc.

Clay has found yet another way to torture me. It turns out the ski erg machine has a setting for downhill. It removes the resistance from the pulleys. You would think this […]

Fast Finish Long Run

This morning I met Chuck and Lance for our weekly early morning run on the aqueduct. We began in the dark at 5 am to avoid the heat and to […]

Really, really busy …..

First full week of school. The week leading up to the AV Fair Wave Race…. Monday, I did get in a 5 miler with Chuck and Lance Monday morning.  Tuesday […]

I never do fartleks

Except of course, today. Fartlek is a Swedish word for speed play. It is a run where segments of faster running are thrown in without being too particular about exact […]

Back in the pool!

My best year of running was 2010.  Lots of PRs that year. I ran 2010 miles in 2010! In 2010 I spent considerable time running in my pool. Last year […]