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Home Again

Late last week I was getting ready for my end of my summer vacation camping trip. I was also busy watching the Olympics on TV. I did not get to post much.I posted on Monday about my speed workout with Karl and Lauren. As I write this I am home again and I am watching a DVR delayed Women’s Olympic Marathon.

On Monday, I reported having to cut my workout a bit short with some pain in my left hamstring. This is something completely new. I have had no problems in the left hamstring area. Later on Monday, I was able to go to Clay’s for some strength work. I did 5 x 500 meters on the ski erg in 2:07.4, 2:07.7 and 2:05.9

On Tuesday, I sat out the Hillview practice, choosing to coach and not run. On Tuesday evening I mostly coached the High Desert Runners workout. The workout was a set of 16 form drills. I did a little bit of it, but the hamstring was giving me some problems so I did not do much.  Here is a video Clay took of part of the workout:


Wednesday I sat out (coached) another Hillview workout.  I also headed over to Clay’s for some strength work. I did the 5 x 500 once again. This time it was even quicker: 2:02.4, 2:02,5 and 2:02.7.  Clay also had me try a crazy stunt on the inchworm. My goal was to inchworm across the room, left and up the little 2 or 3 inch ramp into the next room, left again and down the hall to the “other” gym. On my first attempt I could not get up the little ramp. Of course, Clay had just waxed the foot skids making it even more difficult. I got some different skids and tried a second time. I made it up the ramp but then collapsed in exhaustion making the next left turn.

Thursday I headed over to Pelona Vista park for the High Desert Runners relay. I was worried about trying to participate because of the hamstring, but Lauren, Lance and I were signed up as a team. We did almost a mile to warm up and the hamstring was not feeling loose and ready to go. As the race began Lance and I headed out to the exchange zone (Lauren went first.) I saw Justin Pantananan and he did not look busy. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “pointing” I said, “Why don’t I point, and you race my leg in the relay?”  To my surprise, Justin agreed. We had Lance run the shorter 2nd leg and let Justin see how many people he could catch as the anchor. We (they) did end up one of the top all adult teams!

Friday, we had our final practice of our Hillview summer season. It was a 4.5 mile run to Jamba Juice. I ran it with the kids and little by little the hamstring loosened up. At about 3.5 miles I did a couple of surges and the leg felt like it might be okay.

I already wrote about the results of the race Saturday. The mile race was preceded by a 5K. The 5K was out and back twice. After most of the 5K runners finished their first loop I ran out there with them to warm up. I ran easily and encouraged the stragglers to keep going. I then jogged the mile from the finish to the start line. By now I had run about 3 miles including lots of surges. The hamstring was feeling okay.

As the race began, the surge surprised me. Everyone seemed to take off REALLY fast! I glanced at my Garmin, set for a 6 minute pace, and I was almost immediately behind. I got in my rhythm though and the quickly pulled ahead of the virtual partner. The first quarter was comfortable and 1:26. Sometime late in the 2nd quarter I felt the hamstring grab me, I instinctively backed off but then tried to get back in there. The half was 3:00.

During the 2nd half the hamstring kept grabbing at me. The pain became constant but not unbearable. I was on pace for a PR, though, and they say a PR is forever, so I kept pushing. As I saw the clock at the finish line I saw it hit 6 and keep counting. I tried to speed up but the hamstring would not permit me. I hung on for an official 6:12 which tied my PR from a couple of years ago.

Almost immediately, I felt like maybe that was a mistake. The rest of the weekend it has been sore. It is not painful to walk on. It was not painful to go for a bike ride. This is encouraging..

As I watch the marathon, it is mile 22. A group of Ethiopian and Kenyan ladies has broken away. A Russian has caught them. Shalane Flaningham is currently 7th and Kara Goucher was just announced at 12th. It is not looking good for a women’s marathon medal for USA. They ended up 10th and 11th place respectively…..

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  1. I believe that if not for the hamstring problem you would have run a sub 6 minute mile. Not having any pain when walking is very encouraging. Three years ago when I stained my hamstring I could not extend my leg without pain for almost a week. Hope to see you back out on the aqueduct soon.

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