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A dozen crazy High Desert Runners….

We are having a heat wave here in the Antelope Valley. Historically, late August and early September are when we are at our hottest and this year is holding true to form. The forecaster, the other day was predicting some medal winning performances. Meaning, not quite all time highs but right up there.  I have been coaching the Tuesday night workout for a couple of years now and it has never been plus 100 at 6 pm, workout time – till tonight.  I checked before heading over to Joe Walker and it was 105 degrees! Checking the hourly forecast it said 104 for 6 pm and 102 by 7.  I fully expected to drive over there and see no takers on my workout plan.

I pulled up to the track and a few runners were out there warming up. Kathy and Joe Diorio, Jessica, Kyra and Lance caught my eye. As the warm up time progressed a few more runners showed up. About a dozen runners, including two new runners were there to work out. I decided to do the same form drills we did last week for two reasons. One, is that I like to repeat things so that you can see progress. The other reason is that the form drill workout happens to be a workout that you can do in the heat. Since each drill is short, you don’t overheat as much as you would doing a longer interval type workout.

My hamstring has not been hurting AT ALL while walking around, so I thought I would try some very light running with the group. I ran a half mile warm up very easy. The first lap felt tentative, but not painful. The second lap felt better. As we started to do the drills I tried each of them very carefully. The only drill where I felt the need to cut it short was the “long skips” Of course, my “sprints” were nothing to write home about. I probably peaked at about marathon pace later in the workout. I feel very encouraged by my workout tonight! Even still, I have already decided to pass on the HDR XC series finale.

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