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Back in the pool!

My best year of running was 2010.  Lots of PRs that year. I ran 2010 miles in 2010!

In 2010 I spent considerable time running in my pool. Last year I did not do that as much. This year, I did not START doing this till last night.  Back in late May the weather was not really that warm, and the pool was a mess!  I have several trees and over the winter they had dumped so many leaves in the tree that I could not find an easy way to remove them. I ended up mostly draining the pool and then spending a few hours scooping them out. Of course with the leave buildup, algea was a big problem as well. I ended up leaving it drained until after our big June vacation. Then I worked on it and got it ready for company in mid July, but then headed off to Colorado.

Well, last night I finally decided it would be a good idea to do a pool workout.

Running, in the pool felt completely stressless on the hamstring! Yeah! I ran figure 8s for 10 minutes and then started adding lots of my form drills, skips and such. It is pretty quirky doing these in water. It is like doing everything in slow motion. The drills, though, really got my heart rate up and made the workout effective. I was only able to keep the drill up for 30 minutes total. By then, I think the heat started getting to me. I am sure it was still in the 90s out there and the pool water was warmer than the air temperature.

We have a solar pool cover and it has been on the pool, with the pool covered 24 hours a day through this heat wave. It took a few minutes getting into the pool. The upper layer of water felt like getting into a very warm sauna! I plan on getting back in there this evening.

Tomorrow I plan to meet Chuck, Lance and whoever else shows up for an early long run. We begin at 5 and the ultimate goal is 15 miles. I will wait and see if I want to continue past 10.

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