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Really, really busy …..

First full week of school. The week leading up to the AV Fair Wave Race….

Monday, I did get in a 5 miler with Chuck and Lance Monday morning.  Tuesday I headed over to Joe Walker for the High Desert Runners workout.  Once again, it was really hot.  The workout was 2, 1, 2, 1, break, 2, 1, 2, 1, break, 2, 1, 2, 1.  I warmed up slowly and joined in with the rest of the group.  Two Desert Christian Seniors joined in and lead each interval. The next runner was Lance and then myself. My hamstring felt a bit tight so I did not push it.  AS I started the second set the hamstring did not seem to want to loosen up so I dropped out. This was not, the sharp middle of the hamstring tightness from a couple of weeks ago. It is more the typical tightness that has been coming and going a long, long, time.

Today, I headed over to Clay’s to see what he had in mind for a workout. The torture of the day was 10 x 30s on the ski erg machine. He gave me a list of 10 “distances” to shoot for. I met the goal on 9 out of 10 and my total was ahead by 9 meters. The next thing on the workout was some band walks. Immediately upon starting these my quads squawked! I know now, they are going to be sore tomorrow. Additionally, Clay said I had to do the inch worm across the gym, up the little ramp through the other room, down the hall to the second gym and not stop until I made it all the way to the ski erg machine.  I had to pause a couple of times, but I did not put my knees down. Finally, I made it!

In other news there are 156 people presently registered for the AV Fair Wave Race!

In still other news I have been making my annual cross country recruiting visits. Each year I spend a few days visiting each and every class at Hillview giving them a quick talk about what Cross Country is and why they might want to give it a try. I have passed out several hundred permission slips….. Scary….. First practice is Tuesday. We will see how many are crazy enough to show up!

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