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3rd running of the Totally AV Fair Wave Race!!

Maybe someday I will be not be so busy running my race that I can run my race!

By all accounts the race went very well.  We had 213 people register for the 5K plus 20 -25 kids in the Kids K.  Thanks to my wife Cheryl for helping me arrange it! Last night Jim Pandya, Maninder Sohal, Deborah Petty and  Jessica Harper helped us with registration.  Deborah and Jessica helped some more this morning. WAVE volunteers- Robert Hughes, Gretchen Eslinger, Christian Andrews, Doug Wada and Winnie Tang were there helping this morning.  Neil Small brought some SOAR students and took care of the course monitoring, with a little help from Alan.  I gave the clocks to Craig Griffith (dad of QHHS and former Hillview runner Scott Griffith) and Claudia Pacheco. Karl was in charge of the kids K for me, again. Thanks Karl!

Thanks to Clay for posting the video on his blog

Kathy Diorio was this year’s first place winner! She had a 7:35 start time so most of the rest had to chase her. Her actual time was 25:02.  The young guys would have to run 15 minutes to beat her. The runner with the fastest outright time was Christian Powers in 17:19.  2nd Place was 48 year old John Newman who ran 18:52 after starting at 7:42. 3rd place was Hillview 8th grader Herschel Smith. He ran an awesome 19:10 race with a 7:42 start time.

Clay looked really good out there running a 20:48 and scoring a 22nd place medal. I know that Chuck and Lance were out there really trying to get a top 50 medal. Lance finished 35th and Chuck finished 42nd. Dave Weary got in there as well finishing 48th!

At one point I saw one of my former runners, Evan Ross sprinting hard to the finish. In front of him was another High School runner – a girl. In front of the two of them was one of my new runners. A tiny 7th grade girl named Kalista. Evan sprinted past the high school girl, Rebecca and then eased up just a bit letting Kalista finish ahead of him. Kalista won the final medal in 50th place!  I thought that it was very kind of him to let the little girl finish ahead of him. Evan has won many medals. I saw Kalista later leaving the race, wearing her medal with the HUGEST grin. Way to go Kalista! Way to go Evan!

Here are the full results!

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  1. Your Totally AV Fair WAVE Race has become one of my favorites. I really like the concept and the course is great. As I was running west on Lancaster Blvd I found myself counting the runners ahead of me on the other side. Since I really wanted a medal I was a little worried when I counted 45. On the home stretch I must of passed 4 runners with only Zac passing me. The spinning medals are Great! Hopefully I will be able to add a 4th one to my collection next year!

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