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Fast Finish Long Run

This morning I met Chuck and Lance for our weekly early morning run on the aqueduct. We began in the dark at 5 am to avoid the heat and to get me to church on time! Chuck and Lance each raced in my AV Fair Wave race yesterday. Lance set himself a new 5K PR!!  Congratulations Lance!  Both of them earned top 50 medals.

So, it was actually a bit of a change of our usual conditions. When I am in full training mode, I do a serious workout of some form on Saturday. It would be a long run and it would sometimes have some speed to it.  Chuck and Lance do not typically run hard or long on Saturday. So when I join them for a Sunday run, they have fresh legs and I am doing my second long and/or fast workout of the weekend.  Today, though I was the one with the fresh legs. They raced yesterday and I was too busy to run either Friday or Saturday.  We ran a nice easy 15 miler.  Lance was starting to fall back a bit on the last half of the last one, while Chuck was trying to stay with me. Well, now that I wrote that Lance may have been right there with Chuck, but on the 14th mile Chuck and I were talking baseball. So I new Chuck was close behind me. As I began the 15th mile Chuck backed off and I decided to make it a truly fast finish. I ran the last mile in 6:52!

Split Split Split
Mile 1 8:58 Mile 6 8:37 Mile 11 8:25
Mile 2 8:24 Mile 7 8:42 Mile 12 8:31
Mile 3 8:27 Mile 8 8:41 Mile 13 8:46
Mile 4 8:20 Mile 9 8:17 Mile 14 8:09
Mile 5 8:22 Mile 10 8:13 Mile 15 6:52
1-5 split 42:32.7 6-10 split 42:31.3 11-15 split 40:46.0
TOTAL 2:05:50.0

The hamstring felt great!  I had no symptoms there. The only issue I had was normal fatigue and a bit of tightening in the glute/piriformis on the RIGHT side. (This is the side I normally experience issues with.)

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