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5 not so easy on the Aqueduct

This morning I drove over to the aqueduct to meet Chuck and Lance. I got out of my car and saw a couple extra bodies up on the path. Lauren and Dawn were out there ready to run as well!  I walked up and we got started. Almost right away there seemed to be a split in our little group. Chuck and Lance were hanging back a little while Lauren led Dawn and I a little ahead. Chuck commented about wanting to run slow – something about 9:30 miles. That seemed a little too slow so I went with the ladies. The first mile was 8:30 – just right.

As usual, though Lauren pushed the pace. We were all talking but, I was thinking we were going a little fast. Mile 2: 7:55. I scolded her for going so fast and I thought we backed off a bit. Wrong – I missed the 3rd split but 3 and 4 together were 15:35 (7:48 average).  On mile 5 I stayed with them till the final quarter or so and they pulled a little ahead. Still the mile was 7:50. The five mile total was 39:52.

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