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Speedier speedy work

Clay and I were discussing my workouts yesterday. He was saying that I am set for endurance, but if I want to get faster, I need to get faster.  Well, those weren’t his words exactly. He was less cryptic than that.  Over the last few years I have made huge strides in my longer races by doing killer endurance workouts that incorporate speed. I have averaged under 7:30 for a marathon, 6:59 for a half, 6:50 for 10 miles, 6:40 for 10K and 6:20 for a 5K. But I have not broken 6 minutes for a mile….

When I lead the Tuesday night workouts, I typically prescribe intervals of 1, 2, 3 or even longer. Clay was suggesting I go for 200m.  Now, I should admit here that I think Clay wanted me to wait until he got me stronger…. but it is Tuesday and I had to do SOMETHING…..  hee, hee…

The prescribed workout tonight was 4 x 45s with 45s recovery and regroup at the 200m. After the 4th rep we had a 2:45 recovery and started again. All together there were 5 sets of the 4 x 45s.  At first, of course it felt pretty easy. The only runners who were in the ballpark with me were Lance and George. There were none of the more speedy runners there tonight. It was pretty windy out there so the first and 3rd of each set were mostly downwind and easier. Surprisingly, though there was not that much difference in my splits. I was finishing each 200m in 42 to 44 seconds.

As the workout progressed, I was a little surprised at how tired I was getting on the last couple of sets. But, the left hamstring performed flawlessly.

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  1. So let me get this straight. You did 20×200 meters total?? This sounds like a Lauren Duke workout. Did you really think this one through?

  2. Ok. I guess at 44 seconds which is 5:52 mile pace you can get away with it. I really think you need to add the speed at the end of every VO2 max and Tempo workout. Limit it to 4×41 seconds at the end of every workout. Yes every hard workout. Can you run 200 meters in 40 seconds? That is 5:20 mile pace.

  3. Even doing 100s in 20 seconds or less after a hard workout would be a great addition to your program Dale. Can you run a 100m in under 20 seconds? That is your top end speed. Do not do 20 of them! How about starting with 4-6! Really work on good form and staying relaxed (not tightending in your neck and shoulders).
    Give yourself at least a minute rest between 200s, sometimes longer if you need it. The goal should be to run them at your goal time 40-42 seconds with good form. Same with the 100m sprints. Once you start to slow, or cannot maintain good form, stop the workout.
    20 second hill sprints are great for this too but should also be eased into gradually.

  4. Wow, lots of comments on that one! I cannot do a 40s 200m right now. In the 2nd and 3rd set, when I felt my strongest last night. the fastest split I ever had was a wind aided 41 or 42.

    For some time, I have been intending to add strides – 100 sprints on the end of the some workouts. Of course, these intentions have not become realizations….

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