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Hillview XC has officially begun

Yesterday we had our first practice after school at Hillview. Today we had practice number two.  Karl asked me today how many students I have had show up. I didn’t know. I have a roster of who has been there so I would have to count. Looking at the group of kids, though, they are way too many to count. I can give a better answer tomorrow, but it is definitely more than 100!

We also have an added challenge this year in that we have lost access to part of our field. They are going to put in some solar panels, but for some reason they are putting them on the field rather than over the parking lot. For now, half of the field is fenced off. Normally we would have stayed on the field and run laps around it so we can watch everyone. Instead, we started with 25 minutes to run as many laps as possible around the entire school. Lots of the kids did REALLY well. Of course there were others who were walking within 100 meters….

I ran with the kids yesterday and did 3 easy miles. Today we did our N8 loop plus an optional lap around the schools. 3 more miles. Afterwards I had the kids do some very short (5 seconds?) sprints up the hill outside my classroom.  We closed both practices with a set of ab-killers.

This evening, I added another workout at Clay’s.  He had me do 5 times 1 minute on the ski erg machine. My distances were 251, 254, 257, 252, 251 for a 1265.

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