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130 so far

When I wrote my last post, I was unaware of how many runners I had coming out for cross country. Well, as of Friday it is in the 130s.  We will get some more 6th graders this next week as we invite our elementary feeder school’s 6th graders to come out and join us.

In other news, I took my first steps toward getting faster as Clay and Karl have prescribed. On Thursday morning I met Karl, Lance and Chuck over at Joe Walker for some mile repeats. Lance’s ankle was hurting so he took it easy. Karl and I warmed up and then began our intended 4 or 5 reps of a mile. I am not exactly sure what Chuck did. It seemed as I went fast he attempted to keep up, but then he did not stop in between to recover as notably as Karl and I did…. My first mile felt typical. It took 6:54. The second mile was about the same at 6:53. On the third, I was really feeling some fatigue, probably from the workout with Clay Wednesday afternoon.  That third mile took 7:03 so I decided to shut it down. Well, I shut down the mil epeat portion of the workout. Karl ran one more rep while I tried to stay warm and loose. Then we did 4 repeats of just 100 meters. It turns out I can barely do 100 meters in 20 seconds. My 100m splits were 19.8, 19.3. 19.3 and 18.9.  After one of the 19.3s  Karl pointed out that Usain Bolt did 200m in the time it took me to do 100.

Friday, I headed over to the aqueduct to meet Lance and Chuck. I pulled up right at 6 and saw them over at the starting pole. I got out of the car and walked to the gate. Then I looked up to see them running away! I would have taken off right then to catch them but my watch had not yet found the gps signal. By the time I walked to the starting pole they were quite a bit ahead. My gps locked in and I started. As I gained on them, I spotted them looking back a couple of times. I was only doing about an 8:30 pace and gaining fairly quickly – so they were going slow – waiting.  I turned out that Lance’s ankle was still hurting so they continued slow. We ran together for just a bit and then Lauren came along. Lauren and I ran ahead.

Saturday Lauren and I met Karl at 60th west and the aqueduct. The plan was 4 miles out, easy and 4 miles back a little faster. It turned out to be quite windy. We headed west and fought the wind. It took 35 minutes heading out. Heading back was no picnic. The way the aqueduct twists and turns you still end up fighting the wind at least half the time. Even still, I managed to get back in 30 minutes – 7:30 pace.

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  1. Wow! I can not believe that you are able to get 130 kids to come out and run. Great job!

    Since it is difficult with my knee to start and stop my plan on Thursday morning was to try and stay with you for as long as I could. Unfortunately for me it did not take very long to lose contact. When Karl and you stopped for water I decided to be the rabbit. My goal was to run a lap before you caught me. Both times you were able to catch me at about the 200 mark. It was good to see you running so well after the hamstring problem!

    Good job maintaining a 7:30 pace with the wind on Saturday morning.

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