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Long and slow, short and fast

This morning I headed over to the aqueduct to join Chuck and Lance for a very early morning run – 5 am. Now, I have trouble sometimes being promt at these early morning runs. It seems now matter how early I get up, and how many times I have gone or tried to go, when it is just about time to go, I have to go.  If I don’t go, the run itself will be miserable because it is not fun trying to run when you have to go. This morning was especially so, and I headed off to meet Chuck and Lance a few minutes late. I arrived at the aqueduct at 5:02.

There was no moon and it was quite dark. I looked over to the starting pole and could not tell if anyone was there. I walked over and found nothing but water bottles. So, off I ran into the darkness alone. I carefully scanned the path out ahead of me and could not see any lights or motion. The first mile was a normal pace: 8:28 and the second mile a bit quicker at 8:05. As I approached the 2 mile mark I spotted headlamps out at the turnaround. They were heading back toward me a little better than a half mile ahead. On miles 3 – 5 I stayed reasonable but tried to make up a little ground: 8:45 (for some reason, that last half mile section was EXTRA windy, while the rest of the course did not seem so bad, 8:10 and 7:58. The first five were completed at the faster side of my easy/long run pace range – 41:12 – 8:12 average. More than a half mile out I spotted the headlamps once again. I had NOT gained any ground out all. About 3/8 out Lance ran by and I met Chuck at about 1/4. So Chuck was running my pace and Lance was going faster!

I paused for water and headed out for loop two.  I was feeling pretty good and spite of the wind: 8:02, 7:52, 8:33 (still crazy windy out there at the far end.)  Lance passes me when I am barely past the 2 mile mark. He is pulling farther ahead! Chuck is still near the quarter when I pass him. I am still not gaining on either one. Miles 9 and 10 went well at 8:05 and 8:08. I am no longer trying to make up ground. I did my “marathon pace” miles yesterday. The second 5 miles took 41:02 – 8:12 average.  Lance passed me before I was within a half mile of the finish. I asked him if he was going for a PR? Lance ran 1:41:09 at Ojai for his current PR – a 7:43 pace. Since I was averaging just a little over 8, he had to be averaging well under 8. It looked to me like he was running at his half marathon PR pace. I passed Chuck around the quarter to go mark, so Chuck was doing very well maintaining about the same pace as me!

I pause for water and start to go out for loop two, but quickly changed my plan. Since I am supposed to be focusing on going fast, I decided to do some 100m sprints in lieu of 5 more easy miles. Besides, I knew I was going to be having some running fun later at church and I wanted to have relatively fresh legs. So, I ran from the ladder nearest the finish to the finish in 24.9 seconds. So, I figure it is around 120 meters. I walked back and did it again: 23.9, and again: 23.9 and again 23:7.  I jogged another half or so to round off my total for the day to 11 miles.

It would be a long wait for Lance and Chuck so I did not stay to see them finish. I headed on to church for part two of my workout.

Yes, you read that right, at church I got in another workout. Today was a family fun day. One of our members owns a large inflatable slip n slide type of thing. It has two lanes and you run up to it and jump on and slide, slide, slide. We adults (well, us men) have discovered that with our larger body mass (some of our men have significantly more body mass than me) if we sprint to the slide our momentum carries us merrily through the water spray and plowing into the far end! We had a pot luck after church and then had our fun. I am not sure how many times I did it – easily at least 20.

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I finally stopped because I was getting cold. Then as I walked near the edge of the lawn I stepped on something painful. I believe I stepped on a wasp and got stung. There was a stinger there, and it swelled up a bit. I got some ice and held ice on it for quite a while and it felt better.

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  1. Good job on your 10 miler. Those are some very quick times to the ladder. Going back years I would run sprints to the ladder before tempo runs. I do not believe that I ever broke 25 seconds. Now it is difficult for me to break 28. Sounds like you had a fun speed workout at church!

    Yesterday Lance told me that he wanted to run the first 10 miles at 8:30 pace and then the last 5 at Boston Marathon qualifying pace. I told him that I would do my best to stay with him. Since I was wearing my headlamp I could see that we were right on 8:30 pace at the half mile mark. We hit the mile at 8:30 and I felt very good. Once we got out pass the gates I could tell that Lance was picking up the pace. We hit the second mile in 8:20. I backed off a little into the wind and before I knew it Lance had opened up about a 20 second gap. I pushed myself to catch Lance at the end of our first 5 miles (40:45). As soon as we started back out I found myself falling behind again. I was able to maintain an 8:15 pace for the last 10 miles, and finished in 2:04:15. I was very pleased! Lance finished in 1:56:57! He ran the last 10 miles in 1:16:12.

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