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A short Twosday

I did double workouts today. First at 2 pm and around 98 degrees, the Hillview team and I ran. We stayed on the upper field for the first part and we (coaches) tried to coax everyone into 10 minutes without walking. Then we did a few drills. Then we did a new interval type workout I invented. I had the kids (and myself) do a loop with 3 fast sections separated by a walk. The first sprint was about 100 meters downhill and downwind. The last 20 meters drops off pretty good making for a fun fast finish. Then we walked over to the courts and did basketball court interval. This is one of my common short intervals I use during the offseason (with fewer kids). It is uphill as the 4 courts are terraced and you have to run up from one to the next, then around a wall and across a field another 30-40 meters. Then we walked around the schools west wing to the starting cone of my infamous DBS (death by slalom) interval. We only did 3 ups of the course.  This put us at a water fountain for a quick rinse about 20 meters from where the first interval started. I had fun with it, racing kids (and usually losing) on these very short intervals. We added some ab killers and stretches.

Later at Joe Walker, it felt like it was still 98 degrees and it was windy. A small hearty crew showed up to run with me. Jessica, Elisa, June, Claire, Leo, Jesse, Alan and Miguel. Well, actually the last 3 were there, but they just ran some easy laps.

Since it was so hot, we decided to do my sweet 16 set of form drills. Tonight was the best I have felt doing this set. We did each of them about 70 meters and we were really sprinting each time as well. The interesting thing is that June, Jessica, Elisa and I are all about the same speed in an all out sprint. I was especially impressed with June. I mean, Jessica is at least 10 years younger and Elisa is probably more than 20 years younger than me, but June is my age and she was stride for stride sprinting with me all evening. On the 11th and 12th rep, I extended my sprint to 100 meters so I could time it. The 11th was 18.75. The 19th was 19.3, but I had to back off a tad in the middle to avoid colliding with a kid walking across the track without watching where he was going.

The 18.75 is my new PR! Well, I probably ran 100m faster in school but I do not recall ever being timed in one. In 4th and or 5th grades I remember competing in the 100 yard dash. In upper elementary I raced the 880. So, however fast I was then, it was measured in yards.  So, as of now I am recording my sprint PRs!

I have lots of work to do though. Checking out McMillan’s running calculator and putting in my 5K PR (which pretty closely aligns with my 10K, 10 mile and half marathon PRs), I should be able to do 16.8 for 100m, 33. 6 for 200m, 70.2 for 400m, 2:34 for 800m and 5:42 for a mile…..

In any case, the workout felt really good. I was getting better height and extension on my drills and I was pleased with the sprints.  I think I feel some improvement happening!

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  1. 5:42 mile !!! I predict when you can do this your other PR’s will be much improved. Give it 3 months of speed work 100’s,200’s and 400’s and in early Dec we should run substantially sub 6 min for the mile.

  2. I agree with Clay. With your endurance and the speed work you should be able to run new PR’s at all distances. Keep up the good work!

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