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Faster Fast Finish Long Run

I have never really trained for a half marathon. Or, a 10 mile race.  Now that I think of it, I have not really trained for anything other than a marathon. My typical program is to pick a marathon and then ramp up the miles months and months in advance to be ready. I pepper the program with VO2 work in the form of weekly track workouts. I add tempo runs in the form of longer intervals and by adding speed to some of my long runs. As the marathon nears, I have a specific build up of Fast Finish Long Runs culminating in a 20 miler. This 20 miler is typically a 7 mile easy warm up followed by racing a half marathon at at least marathon goal pace.

Right now, however I am still almost 7 months away from my next proposed marathon. My upcoming goal races include a 10 miler in 7 weeks, and a half marathon 7 weeks after that. So, my two current goals are to prepare for these races while focusing on building my top end sprint speed as part of my bigger goal of just plain getting faster!

So, today my goals were to maintain my endurance with a 15 miler, work on my stamina and to experience my half marathon goal pace on tired legs.  Mission accomplished.

Chuck, Lance and I donned our headlamps and started our run on the aqueduct in the dark at 5:00 am. As a side note, the headlamps were not really needed today as a full moon nicely illuminated our way. We cruised along together notching off miles in the appropriate long range speed zone: First Five: 8:40, 8:22, 8:22, 8:16, and 8:30 = 42:11, Second Five: 8:16, 8:15, 8:32, 8:26, 8:09 = 41:40 Note: Lauren joined us about mile 7 1/2 so as usual the pace picked up a bit while she was with us.  Miles 11, 12, and the next half remained at an easy pace: 8:11, 8:19 and 4:10 (half mile).  I made the turn and picked up the pace for the final 2.5. My goal was half marathon pace, or around 7 minutes per mile:  6:59, 7:02 and 3:31 (half).  The final 2.5 took 17:32.  The final 5 took 38:25

Funny how, Thursday morning, all I could do was 800 meters at 6:55 ish pace and today I do 2400 straight at 7:01 – at the end of a 15 miler…..

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  1. Enjoyed our conversational 12.5 miles. Great job on your last 2.5 miles! I am really looking forward to the Surf City 10 Miler. I believe you will have a good shot at a PR.

  2. Again, your ceiling is not high enough. You are an endurance monster. More work needs to be done around 6:00 pace or faster (100s, 200s, 400s). Now is a great time to work on your speed.

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